Dispatches from the Underground // September 8, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // September 8, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // September 8, 2022

New Music

VA – Sea Creatures Stared at Us and We Stared Back at Them (Wilbur & Moore Records) (h/t Totally Real! Records)

Deathprod – Sow Your Gold In The White Foliated Earth (Smalltown Supersound) / immense new album from Deathprod, playing Harry Partch’s rare metal & glass instruments on a ritualistic set of queered recordings that sound unlike anything you’ll have heard before. Fearless, brilliantly original x deviant madness on the AOTY top tierBoomkat (h/t NZVZN)

Time Rival – Mimos (Triplicate Records)

CC Sorensen – Phantom Rooms (mappa) / A house is something that is so deeply temporary, yet it can hold so much energy. How do we carry or leave behind those energies while transitioning into new spaces? How does each space we occupy for some time shape us and how do we tear ourselves away from it and its influence once it’s time to go? These are some of the core questions behind CC Sorensen’s new album for mappa, ‘Phantom Rooms’ – it’s a record about movement, change, transformation, family, juxtapositions… but most of all, home.

Sculpture – Malculus / Photo Synth / Sculpture retrieve a new visionsonic visitation from the monochrome zone. Acid noise on a baroque kosmiche pavilion, with unstable data blat of wires, worm(hole)s, science, bullshit and ritual. The Malculus broadcasts a message that we are attempting to translate. Safety seals are holding for now.

Moritz Fasbender – 13 Rabbits (h/t Peter Wullen)

Peaking Colors – Interdimensionalized / aka Jeff Bartell

Listening Recommendations

Morning Veils – Her Kind (KantCope) (h/t odubhda)

Brian Eno – 2 Forms of Anger (h/t Time Rival)

there are no birds here – Stryance (Courier) / First listen of the mini CD of this today. Brilliant. Grab oneDarren J. Holloway 

Lungfish – Artificial Horizon / This is a perfect record and should be listened to frequently and often. Who knows how many times I will listen to it in the next couple of weeks? Not enough regardless.Davis Salisbury via averycrimeycat

Chrome – One Million Eyes and Live in Italy (h/t Garbageman)

Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus / Frank Tovey’s been gone 20 years today. This performance from Fad Gadget always makes me wish I had a time machine and could’ve seen him live just onceBig Time Kill

Adrian Copeland – If This Were My Body / What a magical release from Adrian Copeland (aka Alder & Ash), kind of shocked at how few picked up on this one, or at least supported it. Some unaging goodness waiting here when you’re readyLost Tribe Sound

Screaming Trees – Dollar Bill (h/t captainsdead)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

Jazz Mixtape 26 (via Kevin Press / The Moderns) / feat. GoGo Penguin, Yaya Bey, George Lernis and more

The Absolute Worst Show Ep. 087 / No witnesses to the car crash. Hey! That’s a perfect metaphor for this show! Episode 087 is set and ready for whenever you want to hate everything.

Rhythmic Itch, Week 13

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #49: Brown Calvin


Nervous Twitch Drop History of the Wild West (via Austin Town Hall)

ML Wah – “Searching” / A new single from @theherbcraft offers up one of his few vocal takes of late. “Searching” pads down the moonlight path, a slight sway of R&B and AM radio strum slipping into the mix. Lovely stuff. @FlowerRoomLPRaven Sings the Blues

[Album Streaming]: Siavash Amini & Eugen Thacker – “A Shape Forlorn (For Zhu Shuzhen)” (via Sonofmarketing)

The Mall – “Nostalgia” | Post-Trash Premiere

This Clever Anti-Censorship Tool Lets Russians Read Blocked News (Wired via mjl)

Mark Mulcahy – “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” (Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Theme Song Cover) (We All Want Someone to Shout For via Perpetual Doom)

Super Electric! Check out Stereolab’s very first (?) gig, way way way back in the summer of 1991Tyler Wilcox via Doom and Gloom From the Tomb

Meowsic Keyboard and Hello Kitty Guitar (via Catsynth)

Tweetcore: Notes from a Scene (via Marc Schuster)

History and Cycles by Bob Mould (h/t Dom Tyer)

bulbone, by exm (via Eternity Tree)

Fall Music Preview ~ Ambient (via A Closer Listen)


Page Hamilton (Helmet) On Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor, Lars Ulrich & More (h/t Pope Dan Gussett)

Collection of interviews with Ui via Sasha Frere-Jones / Ui on Wiki

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Performance + Tour Dates via Carpark Records

PRE-ORDER: ‘Red Exposure’ by Chrome via Norman RecordsPsychedelic/post-punk weirdos Chrome are reissuing 1980’s ‘Red Exposure’. The remastered deluxe colour edition features a mirriboard sleeve, large poster, unseen photos, and bonus track.

Advice for young (or not) guitarists from Keith Pille aka the Pithy King

High Vis get a little bit nicer (Jeff Terich via Treble)

New live video from Oneida via Joyful Noise

Celebration of Jaimie Branch life put together by International Anthem – 9/26/22 at Pioneerworks in NYC


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