Dispatches from the Underground / September 3, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground / September 3, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground / September 3, 2021

Bandcamp Friday!!!

Out today

An Act of Forgetting by Heavy Cloud / get yr codes

Pink Sky Dawn by Natalia Beylis (Early Music) / Music written for the sky and recorded at home on a pump organ rescued while on it’s way to destruction

World Problems: Lightbringers by Jake Stevenson

David Grubbs & Ryley Walker – A Tap On The Shoulder (Husky Pants Records) (h/t Joel Berk)

Two new offerings from Foxy Digitalis

Motorists – Surrounded / debut LP from a trio that includes Jesse Locke

Buck Gooter – Head in a Bird Cage (h/t Jake Saunders)

Genetic Effects – Every Adventure Forthcoming (EP)

Ryan Wade Ruehlen – Wooden Ox Or Barew Music (Unsilent Desert Press)

Survey Channel – Catalog Nectar (Triplicate Records)

Starbirthed – Reflection of the Samith (Flower Room) / The duo’s first album of new music released since 2020

Good time to explore Nick Hudson’s catalog / Thirteen albums, numerous EPs, a Christmas album, sundry one-offs and anomalies, paintings, drawings and apparel

Hear two preview tracks off of Feast on My Body by Maryam Sirvan / coming at the end of September via Flag Day Recordings

Travel back in time with Sonic Cathedral / 1991, the year shoegaze broke

Livestream by Past Inside the Present is happening at the end of September!

Up for pre-order via Shimmering Moods Records > Machine​.​Learning by Fa.R / Space engineer crash landed in North Shields / Fa.R attempts to capture a feeling rather than an idea, inspired by the 4D nature of life

Up for pre-order via Naviar Records > Figments by Desu ExSounds / A celebration of the inner voice through ambient soundscapes

Up for pre-order via Trouble in Mind > New batch of EXPLORERS SERIES tapes

Up for pre-order via Keeled Scales > Nuçi’s Space 21st Anniversary Benefit Compilation / Contributions from: Pylon Reenactment Society, Sylvan Esso, Fontaines D.C., Anjimile, + more! / stream a song from Ganser

Up for pre-order via Alrealon > Amateur Radio by Pas Musique

Up for pre-order via Happy Robots Records > Anaphora by Mood Taeg / Mood Taeg (pronounced Mood Tag) is a three-piece Scottish/German musical project split between Düsseldorf and Shanghai. The band name, a term in functional linguistics, is a reference to their day jobs, while the album title Anaphora, meaning reference to that which preceded, or came before, is a further nod to linguistics, and their own musical evolution

Checking in with James Toth, Nick Mitchell Maiato, Pete MurphySad Man, Sound Effects of Death and Horror, The Modern Folk, Yoni Den, Knife Hits Records,  Opal Tapes, Centripetal Force, Hotham Sound and No Thank You Recordings

Over at Growls & Shrieks > db on the relaunch of Euphoriadic: An Interview

Over at Glorious Noise > New Dean Wareham: The Past Is Our Plaything

Watch the new video from Mike Quigley (aka boogerspit) / The perfect accompaniment to the queasy, looping, strange-yet-familiar sound of the album / out on Sept. 10 via Oxtail Recordings

And more videos…Program by Seafoam Walls, off of upcoming album on Thurston Moore’s The Daydream Library Series label

Check the catalog of Thor’s Rubber Hammer, psych/noise/free-jazz label run by Lars Gotrich from 2006 to 2011

Listen to God Planet, new single from Incentive / off of upcoming album on Submarine Broadcasting Company

Some cool new noise from Deathbomb Arc!

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