Dispatches from the Underground // September 28, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // September 28, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // September 28, 2022

New Music

Aaron Larget-Caplan – God’s Time – Music of J​.​S. Bach on Guitar / see also – Petridisch – Etudes Vol. 1

Roundlakes – I’ll Take the River (h/t Feralman)

Elizabeth Crompton – A Warning (Werra Foxma)

Lande Hekt – House Without a View / Pop it onto your playlistGrrls Like Us

Ahleuchatistas – Expansion (Riverworm Records) / Expansion, the new album from @ahleuchatistas drops on October 21. New trio is me, @dunnatov
on bass, & Danny Piechocki on drums. Check out the opening track and pre-order the CD/digital from Trevor Dunn’s @riverwormrecShane Parish

Listening Recommendations

Oxbow – Fuckfest / #5albums89 One of the best from 89 from a great bandDillon

Broadcast – Haha Sound / Would’ve been Trish Keenan’s 54th birthday today, so if you’ve never given Broadcast a go, now would be a nice time to do it. My entry point was HaHa Sound, but they’ve got so much depth in the discography, it’s unreal. Anyway, give it a spinworriedaboutsatan

Bark Psychosis – Hex (h/t odubhda)

The Bug vs. Zoo – Concrete Desert (h/t Dillon)

Some Exercise – Protocol / I love this track, and the only way I can describe this is weirder 2nd album era Liars and I love LiarsJustin Sweatt

VA – Triplicate Tapes Vol. 4 /Triplicate Tapes Vol. 4: Transcendent Structures / An engaging array of experimental and leftfield electronic tracks from the expanding roster of Triplicate artists

Stars of the Lid – The Ballasted Orchestra (h/t Residual Energy Boss)

Dais Queue – I Live Here (Oxtail Recordings) / This tape has been out for 4 months & a day @oxtailrecs has been on a roll lately, go check out all the recent releases, but apparently there are only 2 copies of this left from the label. So hey get in there if you want one. Best solo thing I’ve doneDavis Salisbury

Pulselovers – Circles Within Circles (Subexotic) / a collection of tracks originally released by A Year In the CountryBill Barnett

Music Videos

Caleb Landry Jones – Touchdown Yolk / Calling all patrons of the psycho deli, Award-winning actor and visual artist Caleb Landry Jones is a bonafide musical maverick. Today, he announces his new album Gadzooks Vol. 2, out November 4th, with lead single/video “Touchdown Yolk.”Sacred Bones

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

I Thought I Heard A Sound Podcast #10 / Check out the new episode of @thasoundblog to hear our conversation about my album “Protection Songs for Guitar”, discussing the intention behind the work, stories of ancient deities, folk magic, & the healing power of musicMatthew Hiram


‘Spaceships Over Glasgow: Mogwai and Misspent Youth’ by Stuart Braithwaite / Braithwaite’s first book here’s the guitarist recount his upbringing, musical influences, joining his first bands, and of course, his work in MogwaiNorman Records

Dave Heumann – Guitar Tapes Vol 1 / Armed with just an electric guitar, Arbouretum’s @dave_heumann takes you to stoic, idyllic places on Guitar Tapes Vol. 1 – Record Crates United

Keeley Forsyth announces the release of ‘Phantom Limbs’, the remix collection of her second album ‘Limbs’ (via God is in the TV)

2nd Grade – “Teenage Overpopulation” (via Raven Sings the Blues)

Track Premiere: Able Noise “To Appear” (Foxy Digitalis via World of Echo)

Interview with Trish Keenan (rip) in Chickfactor

Built to Spill : When the Wind Forgets Your Name (Jeff Terich via Treble)

Miki Berenyi – Fingers Crossed (h/t Andrea Feldman)

Cassette Culture: September 2022 (cableline via Beats per Minute)


Halloween Happening w/Army of Toys at Museum of Science on Oct. 27

Ata Kak w/Numidians at Sonia on Oct. 2


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