Dispatches from the Underground // September 23, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // September 23, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // September 23, 2021

Out now > Your Best Days by David Svrjcek (aka Acef Stripe) / My first solo release as I wanted to share some songs primarily written with my Mom in mind (h/t Rick Flynn)

Listen to new track by piano captain Jamie Saft (h/t Team Love Records)

Listen to Distracted, new one from minimalist, postclassical, ambient producer Thomas Frühwacht aka Earlyguard

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Video Premiere: Greta Ruth “At The Place”

Over at Echoes & Dust > Reversels – Le Sabre

Over at Treble > Album Review – Rivers Of Nihil : The Work

Out now > Heiwa by Mansur Brown / I know him as a guitarist, but he actually plays all the instruments on his new album – Bill Barnett

Out now on Underwater Computing > P E R I S H by y o u r d i s c o v e r y / receive this gift of everlasting life (h/t J Stevenson)

Out now on Moving Furniture > Choosing Freedom by Gagi Petrovic

Out now on Invisible Animals > Loops for Aladdin’s Lamp Dealer by YS

Little peek into October releases…

ZONES by Petridisch (out on Infinite Sync) /listen to Zones 1

Short Stories by Leah Callahan (Betwixt / Turkish Delight / Glass Set) / listen to Neil the Dancing Girl

Lullaby for the Distance by 1010 Ensemble (Ramble Records) / listen to title track

Another reminder…out now on FRBH Recordings is Lunar Ranger by The JWA / Breakbeats & samples fight for oxygen with humming synthesizers and detuned guitars

Read the latest Night after Night newsletter / Reflections on two rich, meaningful season-opening concerts, plus timely news and concert listings for the week ahead (h/t Avant Music News)


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