Dispatches from the Underground // September 1, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // September 1, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // September 1, 2021

Up for pre-order via Pizza Pizza Records > Convertible by The Altered Hours / For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Loop

Up for pre-order via Hreám Recordings > Loose Structures by Eureka Creek

Take a peek into Corpus I by Arvo Party / out this Friday

And more sneak peeks…listen to Drala Ultra by KILN / off of Tungsten, out on Ghostly in October (h/t Kyle Fortinsky)

Something new from Woodford Halse

Listen to Brazil, new single from Toronto composer Robin Hatch – featuring Eric Slick and Leiland Whitty (Badbadnotgood) (via Flood Magazine / Jake Saunders)

New episode of Pause, show hosted by Peter Chandler / Music from Third Attempt, Glenn Astro, Expansions, Herbie Hancock, Idris Ackamoor, Lonnie Liston Smith, Wildflower and the Esoteric Circle (h/t But is it Jazz?)

And more radio…latest episode of The Descent with Raen Arthur / 60 Minutes of Sparkling Noise, Dirt, Classical, Electroacoustic, Concrete, Folk and Perverse Electronics

Over at Sonofmarketing > [Album Streaming]: Jason Sharp – “The Turning Centre Of A Still World”

Over at Monolith Cocktail > Our Daily Bread 466: Iron Maiden, The Legless Crabs, Ex Norwegian, Salem Trials…

Over at Records I Like > Pinch Punch, First Of The Month

New Uncle Fido! “Jichael Mackson,” was the answer, “and it was make-believe but the real Mackson was perhaps even more scary.” (h/t FRBH Recordings)

New album from Veda Rays coming in October! Check out Last Call mix that Maria did for us while you’re waiting

Out today on Artetetra (Italy) > Discepolato Nella Nuova Era by Luce Celestiale / debut album from italo-spanish duo and free-form band formed by the Andalusian painter Lorena Serrano Rodriguez and the Tuscan electronic sorcerer Devid Ciampalini, also known for his works with New Jooklo Age, Metzengerstein and for being the founder of label/collective Ambient Noise Sessions

Out today as well…Energies by The Gaye Device / Kosmische ambient music soundscaper from scenic West Yorkshire

Out at the end of September on This is it Forever > Contours by Veins Full Of Static / 8 track album of drifting drones and enveloping ambience


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