Dispatches from the Underground // October 6, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // October 6, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // October 6, 2021

Sold out (minidisc edition)! Mindscape From The 7th Level by Graham Dunning / some tapes are still available via Third Kind Records

Up for pre-order via Norman Records / Castles in Space > Two Knocks For Yes by Black Channels / Radiophonic-referencing exploration of things that go bump in the night is coming in through CiS next month

Out now via Cities and Memory > The Chimes compilation / This album is all about bells – the iconic signal sound of towns, cities, religions and spirituality – and how the amazing sounds of bells can be used creatively. Each track on the album is built from a field recording of bell chimes around the world, and there is a bewildering array of creative approaches on display

Ascend the heady heights of Mount Ambient tonight with Dublin Digital Radio and No Place Like Drone / hear music by Sarah Davachi, Natalia Beylis, Richard Youngs and many more

Out now on Blue Tapes > blue one plus by Matt Collins / cranial trip of a release that somehow manages to cover every identifiable emotions and invent some new ones too

Out now on Rusted Tone Recordings > Isadora by neve / Nine tracks of improvised, looped, and layered analogue synths recorded to tape

Out now on Submarine Broadcasting Company > Kredenc Kopců by Flavigula + new German Ocean on the way…

Out today on Fotoshoppe Co. > Descend by S͢I̢X6͡6̀/ Take a trip down to the depths of hidden horrors (h/t Electric Style)

Little peek into new Hawthonn / Earth Mirror features abstract hymns to Hecate, Enochian invocations, dreams of witches and horses, angelic holy minimalism / everything good, basically

Get your drone with swnv aka Maurice Rickard / Monday’s all-pedal-steel live ambient guitar improv is now up for $/name-your-price

Over at Sonofmarketing > [Album Streaming]: Kraut Sounds – “Silence”

Need some merch? Take a look at/grab one of autumnal t-shirts from Orindal Records

Only 8 (!) vinyl copies of Veins Feel Strange by Psychic Graveyard left in Deathbomb Arc vault


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