Dispatches from the Underground // October 22, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // October 22, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // October 22, 2021

Over at Treble > The Top 50 Goth Songs / The perfect soundtrack for a dark season

Low stock alert! Just one copy of Gratitude tape by The Voice of Saturn remain in Woodford Halse vault / listen to the latest episode of his podcast / talking about ) w/topics including his album, Winston the dog, @personalbandana Merzbow and multitracked saxophones here…(h/t DJ SpaceTerrapin)

Also…six copies of Piano at 51°40’49​.​6″N 2°14’09​.​2″W by Stuart Cook remain in Waxing Crescent Records vault

Over at God is in the TV > Fleuve and Docks – Split (Hidden Bay)

Over at Scene Point Blank > The Fest 19 A-F compilation (vinyl)

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Video Premiere: Mike Cooper “Tirta Gangga”

Over at Treble > La Luz Reaches a Deeper Place

Over at Concrete Islands > Not Turning Off: Volume 23 / A benevolent avalanche of sonic goods from Eat Lights Become Lights, Mildred Maude, Good Shepherd, Melinda Bronstein and Stellarays / Words by @acloudtotheback

Over at MusicOMH > Herbert – Musca / The latest album in Matthew Herbert’s “domestic house” style utilises samples from the farm on which he lives, alongside real instruments and a raft of vocalists (h/t Bang On PR)

Over at Complex Distractions > Long Story Short : Matt Lindauer, Us and I, Stuart Cook, Richard Pike

Over at Ears to Feed > Pat King chats with Deerhoof / Actually, You Can is out now on Joyful Noise

Out now on Vivarium Recordings > All Flesh is Grass by Brent Mini x Ocular Bats

Out today > Anomalous Sequences by Lars Haur / Mixed up with elements of drone, ambient, and nonsensical weirdness, this album isn’t really trying say anything in particular. Instead, consider it another experiment – the exact nature of which is classified

Out today on Wormhole World > Vodka Parade by The Home Current / bloomin’ good listenSoulscorch

Out today on Good Eye Records > No Man’s Land by ZOO

Out today on See Blue Audio > Ultraviolence by Violet Mist /he twenty-sixth release on See Blue Audio and synthwave alias of Jozef K / An adventure into cyberwave and a futuristic but dystopian world

Out today on Elevator Bath > Any Way, Shape, or Form by Adam Pacione (h/t Andrew Anderson)

Out now > Walls Of Dis by Sleep Crisis aka Jeff Bartell

On the Fringes of Sound is celebrating a year of activity! Check IHN/OTFOS mixtape 1 and mixtape 2 

New episode of Enclosure Three radio show this Sunday!

You can now subscribe to Thomas Ragsdale’s Bandcamp / Not only is Raggers phenomenally talented and constantly working on his craft, he’s also one of the nicest and most helpful/positive people I’ve met in the industry Polypores

From back in the day > The Sound Comes From Everywhere: A Conversation With Beatriz Ferreyra (via Foxy Digitalis)

Grab some sweet merch from Locrian / Anathemata Editions / read our interview with the band

Pick up one of the few remaining vinyl copies of Mike Cooper’s Raft from Room40

There’s also a new episode of Space is the Place Radio Show

Bandcamp discounts / courtesy of The Rowan Amber Mill – new name to us, but we trust Record Crates United on this!

Up for pre-order via Mondoj > Muzyka Dla Imigrantów by Bogdan Raczynski / Limited cassette reissue of the beautiful 2001 CD originally released on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label / All proceeds are going to @FundOcalenie to help asylum seekers currently held at the Poland/Belarus border

Up for pre-order via Important Records > Omniscient Voices by Duane Pitre / emotionally resonant set of five pieces for justly tuned piano and electronics

Album premiere tonight via No Problema Tapes!


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