Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 5
Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 5

Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 5

New Music

SPLLIT – Infinite Hatch / FFO This Heat / The Fall if they weren’t so bro’d out / Raincoats on LSD – Joe Trainor

David Cordero & Kenji Kihara – Komorebi 木​漏​れ​日 (Homemade Birds) / Here’s an ambient music album I have developed a minor obsession with (not a social-media-language fake obsession..a real one). Whenever I feel like shit, I throw this one on. This may happen more than I’d like – Allister Thompson

Sugar Paan – Hug a Tree and Burn the Forest

American Analog Set – For Forever / American Analog Set is one of the bands I discovered and clung to throughout the early stages of the pandemic. Would take my daily walks in the park near my house and listen to Know By Heart. Morning listening today is their 1st album in 18 yearsGarrett Peace

Gazelle Twin – Black Dog / surviving alone in our bleak world is fun but you can enhance the experience with Gazelle Twin’s Black Dog – effluvia

Thollem/Ka – The Other Directions (Superpang) (via David Menestres)

Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe – Wry (via vmdtm)

Field Lines Cartographer – The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari – Live OST / It’s almost Halloween! / Free download / PWYW

boycalledcrow – /​/​M E L O D Y_M A N (Waxing Crescent)

Tiers La Familia – Tier Apparent (Strategy of Tension) / The outer-borough power trio – bandleader/vocalist/“non-disciplinary artist” Sefyu Sidney, keyboardist/vocalist Jeff Tobias (Modern Nature), and keyboardist/vocalist Cheryl Kingan (75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band) – is coming live and direct with their third tape in three years, Tier Apparent.

Gregg Kowalsky – Eso Es (Mexican Summer) / RIYL Japanese electronic New Age of the 90s –  Bill Barnett

Inês é Morta – Ilha / This is a nice slab of Brazilian post-punk hepped to me by @gothmusiclatam.bsky.social’s tumblr – Critical Nostalgia

Dire Wolves – Easy Portals (Ramble Records) / in the vein of Träd, Gräs och Stenar and Amon Düül II

Den Osynliga Manteln – Under Gr​ö​n Himmel (Castles in Space) / Had this album virtually on repeat for the last week. Under Grön Himmel by Den Osynliga Manteln on @castlesinspace.bsky.social . Beautiful kosmische psyche jazzy soundscapes. Need to track down their first album now as this is just wonderful – Pete Keeley MD ANT

Necrosferatul – Candelabrum Necrosferatulum / You wouldn’t ever think surf music and black metal could go together, but in these talented hands it certainly does! This is my 2023 👻 🎃 listening for sure – Allister Thompson

No Drama – S/T (Hidden Bay) / comes with an insert featuring lyrics & illustrations // 6€ + shipping

Howard Stelzer & dang. – A Peal (Buried in slag and debris.) / We began this journey by looking around and noticing all the bells in our sonic environments we hadn’t considered before. We each recorded bells and sculpted those resonant chimes into the music on this album (via Dybbuk Kletter)

VA – All Trades – Volume One (Emotional Response) (via Bill Barnett)

VA – House Music (Get Your Genki) / Some great covers / reinterpretations of the HAUSU (1977) soundtrack on here from the @getyourgenki.de stable – The Slow Engineer

Something new from Deathbomb Arc

Something new from Hausu Mountain

Listening Recommendations

Lonesome Mercury – Dirty Northern Garage / The greatest / Quite unbelievable album really, 13 years old now… Chasms side project. Northern Soul through a fuzz pedal. – Braaid

Roomful of Teeth / Michael Harrison – Just Constellations / While I’m recommending things… This is my favourite recording of vocal music that isn’t The Hilliard Ensemble’s “Lamentations of Jeremiah.” Too bad this one is only 20 minutes long. Very spacy, settles you right down – Allister Thompson

Flange Circus – Katabasis (AnalogueTrash) / We do this (deep breath): hauntronica, darkwave, hauntology, horrorprog, folkhorror, experimental, drones, electronica, glitch, neokraut, postpunk and postrock

Holy Other – With U / Remember witch house? Yeah, so do I and a lot of it was absolute shite, but occasionally something really good would get lumped in with it, such as this beautiful little Holy Other EP – Gavin Miller

Claire Archibald – Night Lull in Asteroids of Human (Blackford Hill)

Niko Tzoukmanis – Hope Is The Sister Of Despair / This could have been one of the standout ambient techno albums of 1994 if it wasn’t for the fact it was made in 2021 – tarotplane

Identify 9 – Black Noise / solo project of Critical Nostalgia

Flying Saucer Attack – Further (via Sue Max)

Music Videos

K of Arc – Show Them Your Throat


The Unspun Heroes Community Playlist


Millions work as content creators. In official records, they barely exist (Washington Post via Ned Raggett)

Looking Back 30 Years to the Creation of Pale Saints’ In Ribbons (via Robert Ham / Paste Magazine)

Hips and Makers, Kristin Hersh (via Unspun Heroes)

China’s Age of Malaise


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