Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 4
Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 4

Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 4

New Music

Porch Kiss – Hindsight (Start-track)

Omni Gardens – Golden Pear / Moon Glyph Records head Steve Rosborough returns as Omni Gardens with a brand new album entitled “Golden Pear”

TFUL 282 – These Things Remain Unassigned (Bulbous Monocle) (via Who Cares Anyway)

Jellypet/Polytunnel – Gaza Relief Fund EP (Moot Tapes)

Mendoza Hoff Revels – Echolocation (Aum Fidelity) (via David Menestres)

Golden Sun Trio – Topography (Berberophone) (via Dillon)

The Bluechips – What If It’s Over (via Matt DeMello)

Portland Vows – The Witches Of Hopwas Woods (circa. 1984) (Third Kind)

Klein – Touched by an Angel / nothing short of mind-bending! – Ironic Hill

Bonfire Hill – A Year on Bonfire Hill: October / It’s spooky season. Here come the witches …. Rebecca Denniff

Enrico Coniglio – Luci Fisse + Luci Erranti (Cronica) / a pair of gorgeous minimal drones from Enrico Coniglio. exactly what I needed to hear this morning… – JS

HDRF – Lucifugous EP / Very quiet (free) EP klaxon

Matmos – Why

The Both And – Mono No Aware (Wormhole World)

Listening Recommendations

Arushi Jain – Under the Lilac Sky / Ever get high and Listen to some synth ragas? No, dude — me neither – Revolt of the Apes

Harold Budd / Brian Eno – The Pavilion of Dreams / A pink pearl necklace of galleries, diffused in soft light. Overhead, a lofted crystal glass ceiling opens to a night jeweled with stars. Meanwhile, a gallery of Greek masks watches on, mouths agape. A soft hiss of air shivers palm trees and fern fronds – J. Simpson

Maggi Payne – Ahh-Ahh (Aguirre) / blowing my tiny mind – Kraus

Fran – Leaving / played on a bill last night w/ this excellent singer & writer of songs, Fran aka Maria. loving her LP this morningmy friends call me 5

Ak’chamel – A Mournful Kingdom of Sand (Akuphone) / Second LP proper from the mysterious Ak’chamel, Giver Of Illness on the always intriguing Akuphone label – a perfectly titled, outernational trip into mystical Sahrawi acid folk… – De Selby

Junip – Fields (via Brent Thomas)

Brian Eno – Mother Whale Eyeless (via Arthur David Spota)

Ty Lumnus – Distinct Entities And Morphological Connections (Waxing Crescent) (via Rick’s Listening Page)

GNAC – Afternoon Frost (Vertical Features) (via harehunterfield)

Nobukazu Takemura – Icefall / This was the last time I was genuinely shocked by a piece of music, not knowing how it had been created or what the influences were. Which might suggest I don’t get out much. But whatever, it’s still amazing – Lyndon

White Hills – Pull Back the Bolt / I just recently came across this excellent cover of Minimal Man’s “Pull Back the Bolt” (from Safari) by @WhiteHillsMusic from 2017 – Who Cares Anyway

Falconetti – A History Of Skyscrapers (This Is It Forever) / Randomly popped up on my iTunes today, and beautifully apt for the weather at the moment. If heavy/ desolate/ supremely melodic post-rock is your thing, then this is for you – sort of bridges the gap between Portishead and Mogwai – Gavin Miller

Tweaks – Move San, Let Gate (via Mark’s Music)

Matters – Echolocations (Supersonic Recordings) – coming soon as a pop-up book/vinyl

Yifeat Ziv – Amazonian Traces of Self (Flaming Pines) (via Porous Collective)

Keith Seatman – Disjointed Oddities and Other Such Things. Vol 2

Antonello Perfetto & Greg Nieuwsma – Hiyachuchi (Submarine Broadcasting Co)

Mixes/Podcasts/Radio Shows

A Fripp in the Fabric of Time – by The Metamorph


Leo Takami: Next Door / Wrote about the smooth multiverse of Leo Takami, a guitarist/composer after my own heart (he loves Pat Metheny and toothsome ECM-style world fusion) – LouReed Tyranny

Xerox and Roll: The Corporate Machine and the Making of Punk (via Beatgrrrl)

How superstars and heritage acts hijacked the vinyl revival (via Michael Lewis)

NTS Radio Is Now Partially Owned by Universal Music Group (Shawn Reynaldo via Geraldine)

Scott Solter & Rohner Segnitz – The Murals (Critical Masses via Tabs Out)


Watch: Alan Courtis & David Grubbs “Braintrust Of Fiends And Werewolves” (The Wire via Marc Hive Mind)

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Community Playlist via Unspun Heroes

Vast archive of John Peel Sessions (h/t Des)

Oil Spills Across the Internet Youtube channel – documenting 70s/80s punk! (h/t Fridave the Larteenth)


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