Dispatches from the Underground // November 3, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // November 3, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // November 3, 2022

New Music

clipping. – REMXNG 2.4 (Sub Pop) (h/t T2,000,000)

Carla Dal Forno – Come Around (Kallista) / hooky, classic and atmospheric angular pop from Carla dal Forno on her new album ‘Come Around’, highly recommended for anyone tripping the axis from Broadcast to Young Marble GiantsBoomkat (h/t Female Pressure)

Hipwell – Gardenworld (Island House Recordings)  / Adam Hipwell is no novice contemplator of the void. After cutting his teeth in the Melbourne tape-scuzz post-post-punk group Wunderlust & crafting cinematic strains of majestic instrumental post-rock with Council of Elders, Hipwell has shifted his focus inwards and out, and Gardenworld, released as Hipwell, is the result, a simultaneous zoom in and pan out

Sculpture – Collected Constructs 2001 – 2010 / In 2001 I moved to London and was making music with a Fostex R8, Yamaha V50, Beige G3 Mac, an MXR Pitch Transposer and a circuit bent Portasound. Collected 12 early things from ancient CDRs hereDan Hayhurst

Megazillion – MEGATATIONS Series 2: Serene Phonic

Le Gateaux Bateaux / The Last Sound Split / Wickedly wavy psychedelic pop in the vein of Stereolab and Spacemoth from Le Gateaux Bateaux (of @rollerssparkers) and the inestimable @TheLastSound. Christmas just came earlyNic Brown

Listening Recommendations

Vassus – Eulogy of Blood and BladeLooks awesome, sounds like…..one of my favourite albums of the year / Weird and eerie British black metal to dance with the night spirits to

Time Rival – The Untrue Nature of Things / This album is over a year old now. That’s old enough for me to start actually enjoying it instead of picking it apart

Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver – Welcome Adventure! Vol. 2/ This is a really nice record. Great for shifting your mind from a COVID malaiseChandan

Forest Swords – Dagger Paths EP / Early Forest Swords action on the decks this morningThe Home Current

Antica Stoa – Vanity / A collection of electronic vignettes, each with a distinct atmosphere and mood. An ambient opening that sounds like a technological utopia, soon followed by a throbbing soundtrack to an alien military takeover – duplication.ca

Music Videos

A.O. Gerber – Walk in the Dark / moody, chiaroscuro-inflected video for cathartic track ‘Walk in the Dark’Prescription PR

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

The Absolute Worst Show – Episode 95

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If We Were All Friends – Episode 43 – hosted by Original Entertainer Cracker


Album Review – So Much Fun by Various Artists (2022) (Shiny Happy Records) (via Janglepophub)

ORGAN: Five music things – Shovel Dance Collective, Léonore Boulanger, Black Market Karma and Tess Parks, Vives, Miriam Clancy, Nothingheads and… (via Organ Zine)

Don’t Look Now: Sons and Daughters (Stewart Gardiner via Concrete Islands)


October sale/reductions at Norman Records! / Alongside vinyl from Rafael Anton Irisarri, Iceage, Oliver Sim, and Denzel Curry, there’s over 180 included releases


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