Dispatches from the Underground // November 11, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // November 11, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // November 11, 2022

New Music

Uri Katzenstein – Audio Works (Black Truffle) / AUDIOWORKS a 2LP set documenting the work of URI KATZENSTEIN compiled from recordings from the 80s-2017 left uncatalogued at the artist’s death.This is a treasure trove offering a captivating glimpse into a uniquely uninhibited creative practice 

The Holy Circle – Don’t Disturb My Waking Dream (Deathbomb Arc) (h/t Anathemata Editions)

Beauty Pill – Blue Period (Ernest Jenning Record Co.) / We just bought the @beautypill double LP comp on Ernest Jenning Record Co. We’re talkin’ The Unsustainable Lifestyle! You Are Right To Be Afraid! Unreleased outtakes and demos! Mythologizing like much of the best music in the universeNorthern Spy

Frog Concert – Quiet Snore of the Dream Peeper (Fiadh Productions) / More cute music YES from @fiadhprod and also
@thefiadh because there’s twoJingle Bellcic

VA – Water Levels (Cudighi Records) / ‘think up a fake video game & then compose the water level music for said game…sit back & submerge yourself in pixelated psychedelia. Just keep an eye out for sharks’ – Ben @cudighirecords on the idea for this comp. Delighted to have a track on here!Natalia Beylis

Listening Recommendations

Pedestrian Deposit – Kithless / The problem with having a discography composed of nothing but bangers is that some of those bangers get overlooked. This, I would argue, is an overlooked bangerFTAM


Eve Maret – Arc of Emotion (Centripetal Force)


Ritual Howls – S/T (10 Year Deluxe Edition) (Felte)


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