Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 3
Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 3

Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 3

New Music

29’s Fell Shadow – Soli Christmas Cheer / Alright, it’s too early for Christmas, but here’s some slow droney downbeat Christmas songs for these end times

Twospeak – Fictions (None More Records) / Dissonant, experimental jazz grooves drawing inspiration from the likes of the Bad Plus and Deerhoof

John Garner – Movie Night (Difficult Arts and Music) / conceptual jazz / free / whatever

Dead Times – S/T / Lee Buford and Steven Vallot creating an all out assault on my ears this afternoon. Excellent noise – Stephen Hardman

Liam Grant – Amoskeag (Carbon Records) / An assured debut LP by one of the newest souls to embark upon the journey of hardcore American Primitive guitar music. Thanks to Rob Vaughn for hooking me up! – The Modern Folk

Onsegen Ensemble – Awalai / Post prog psychedelic space rock at its very best, give it a listen! – The Lunatic Vibes

Heavy Cloud – Anamnesis (Human Geography)

Ossa + Ian Epps – The Guise of Wide (Frosti) (via Rick’s Listening Page)

2 new tapes on Steep Gloss

Lo-Five – Live 2023

Jah Schulz – Dub Over Science Chapter II (basscomesaveme) / Manna from dub heaven – Nic Brown

Onyon – Last Days on Earth (Trouble in Mind) /  Punk skuzz like ole grandpappy used to play for us – Nick J Mascis

Letmeinyourhouse / Calm Coffins split

Ogle – Constellation (Frosti) / Ten track of deep euphoric arps / Plenty of Bay leaves to go around with each cassette order… – Sulk Rooms

Clair M Singer – Saor (Touch Music) (via Annandale Radio)

VA – Get Your Genki – Compilation Vol. 12 (Get Your Genki) / Finally you can pre-order our newest compilation filled with awesome independent music from all over Japan! – Giornata Nera

VA – Synthetic Bird Music (mappa) (via kestrelblazer)

Listening Recommendations

Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin – Ghosted (Drag City) /  Could not believe my eyes yesterday when I stumbled upon this in the Oto racks. I saw Ghosted last year, and it was an incredible, trance-inducing experience. But even before then, the vinyl was long sold out everywhere. Well, sometimes you get lucky – Dalton

Michael Grigoni – Field Notes / Playful, dreamy and slightly melancholic ambient guitar EP, featuring different kinds of guitars. Very lovely. – Crows Labyrinth

Hand Habits – Placeholder (Saddle Creek) (via Brent Thomas)


Grails: Anches En Maat (J Simpson via Spectrum Culture)

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