Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 2
Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 2

Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 2

New Music

Laetitia Sadier – Rooting for Love (Drag City) / Already shopping for next year 😎 – Eternal Fusion Radio

TVAM – Costasolshimmery, electronic shoegaze wonderMichael Stanton

Sun Drawing – Aamut Kirjastossa [Mornings At The Library]Solo guitar and simple songs from Matt Ashton (guitarist in London drone pop band The Leaf Library)

da Googie / Too Many Things split / da Googie is the solo project of Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine / Thurston Moore Group / Brix Smith) (h/t connet_icut)

Black Hill Transmissions – Transmission #3

Daniel Bachman – When the Roses Come Again (Three Lobed) (h/t Joanne Buchanan)

Vince Clarke – Songs of Silence / In lighter news, Vince Clarke released his first solo album today and it is a droning, haunting electronic soundscape that I’ve been delighting in all day. If electronic ambient is your jam, it’s worth a listen. I think it’s a masterpiece – Donovan

Nick Joliat – Casio Music 2 (people | places | records)

Room of Wires – Floodplains

Mount Maxwell – Littlefolk (Hotham / We Are Busy Bodies)

Salmon Graveyard – S/T (Ramble Records) / One record I have been obsessed with lately is the kosmische Appalachian string music of Salmon Graveyard’s self-titled LP on Ramble Records – Record Crates United

VA – Ballads Of Seduction, Fertility And Ritual Slaughter (Was Ist Das?) / An interesting reworking of the original Wicker Man soundtrack by Various Artists / Likely to upset some and delight others – David Soulscorch

Listening Recommendations

Erm & Nickname – S/T (Third Kind) / I’m making this 2017 weird-folk album available again. The cassettes went long ago but I realised there are still CDs!  “Dark psychedelic clouds gather at the fringes of a sepia tinged 70s English summer that never existed” Peter Hoggarth

The Cripples – Dirty Head (via word)

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – YT/ST (via Charlotte)

Helicon – God Intentions (Fuzz Club) (via BobsterKeaton)


No Bird Can Fly, No Fish Can Swim Until The King Is Born (via Freaky Trigger)

The days when Tom Waits made the best pizzas in San Diego (Tom Taylor via Far Out Magazine)

2023, Part One (via Brazil Beat) – BB is run by Rod Taylor


Some download codes from The Gateless Gate

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