Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 1
Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 1

Dispatches from the Underground // Nov. 2023, Pt. 1

Bandcamp Friday

Sahel Sounds catalog – pay what you want (via cowsarejustfood)

Amelia Courthouse – Ruby Glass / It’s a bittersweet Bandcamp Friday, given the recent layoffs. I don’t know how much longer small labels / niche artists will be able to do this, but for now you can still scoop my “ruby glass” cassette + anything else from the wonderful Spinster catalogLeah Toth

Two tapes and a CD from The Modern Folk

Special code from Eiderdown Records

New Music

Kendraplex / Sharkiface Split (No Sides Records) / My falling down the steps vibe on piano. Falling down the stairway from heaven. Absolute mash. Recorded last year and dug up from the archive for today. Sharkiface brings a proper noise jam – Kendraplex

The Eyes and the Mistoids – Frock (Waxing Crescent)

Jacob Brockway – Pornographic Hasheesh Daydream In Heaven / Here’s some pedal steel cosmic Americana vibes for your Sunday morning courtesy of Jacob Brockway. This album, Pornographic Hasheesh Daydream in Heaven, is a total beaut. Give it a listen! – Record Crates United

Gateless Gate – True Winter

Rupert Lally – Teenage Wildlife (Third Kind) / Imagine it’s 1987 and New Order and Tangerine Dream have collaborated on a gritty new soundtrack?! Elements of 80’s alternative indie and electro pop clash with synth drama and the occasional horror atmosphere

goat (JP) – Joy in Fear (via Dalton)

Chatham Rise – Here She Comes / today’s #shoegaze banger is the first track who’s discovery I can credit entirely to Bandcamp- saw all of my follows picking it up, gave a listen and went ‘aw hell yeah!’ / It’s a terrific slab of neo-psych distortion held down by a monstrous bassline – Catbus

epic45 – You’ll Only See Us When The Light Has Gone (Wayside & Woodland)

Die Welttraumforscher – 1981 (Bureau B) / Latest release (on Bureau B) of this enigmatic project by Christian Pfluger. Intriguing enough to make me want to check out his older work – spacediscojeff

rootless – Live III / my third live album is live! including jams with Jesse Sheppard of @ElkhornMusic  and another with @seawndofbattery @tarotplane_  and a bear-conjuring solo jam on the porch in Vt. hope you like it!

black_ops – the regime (via there are no birds here)

Egone – Now Here (Wormhole World)

VA – Eurorack Ruhr: Compilation #2 (Eurorack Ruhr) (via Mr. X)

VA – FADER & Friends: Volume 1 (FADER) (via Matt D)

VA – Future Sounds Of Kraut Vol. 1 – Compiled by Fred und Luna (Compost Records) (via Giornata Nera)

VA – A Compilation Of Tracks​.​.​. 2023 (Trouble in Mind)

Listening Recommendations

Whettman Chelmets – Koppen (Strategic Tape Reserve) (via Parkas4Kids)

Hyperlink Dream Sync – S/T (Business Casual) / I’m in a band with Mecha Maiko & Phono Ghosts called Hyperlink Dream Sync! Yesterday we released minidiscs of the first album before Hayley joined. Limited to 25! 💽 – SFERRO


Silicon Valley is the Church of Moore’s Law (Out of the Crooked Timber via Ryan Cooper)

1,000 Streams or Bust (Dada Drummer via Steven Smith)

The modest genius of Bert Jansch (via Alternatives to Valium / Alastair McKay)

Inside an OnlyFans empire: Sex, influence and the new American Dream

Sofia Coppola and All the Sad Girls


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