Dispatches from the Underground // May 11, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // May 11, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // May 11, 2022

New Music

VAAV Social Club – 気持ち — emociones (Bogus Collective) (via T2,000,000)

Vinnum Sabbathi – Live at Channel 666 / Heavy doom/psych. Highly recommended! Get it in your ears!Doomsayer2001

Adam Harding / Thor Harris – Bonnie Rides with Us

Phirnis – Chill Noise (Strategic Tape Reserve) / Don’t let the title fool you… it’s really noisy and rather good. I don’t feel at all chill perhaps a little on edgeboycalledcrow

catbeats – comfy (via Ghastrophonic)

Listening Recommendations

15-60-75 –  Jimmy Bell’s Still In Town (Water Bros) / I recommended this semi-forgotten ripper to @comeawaywithEMD as “Akron’s Television… with a horn section” and then I had to see if my description held upThe Modern Folk

Girls Against Boys – House of GVSB (via Not a Sheep. Nope)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #27: Jordan Christoff

Fistful of Doom Vol. 119



SAY SUE ME SHARE NO REAL PLACE SINGLE (via Austin Town Hall / h/t Nathanisariot)

Allister Thompson – The Music of the Spheres / Just realized it’s pretty well exactly a year since I released my zany dystopian psychedelic rock mystery novel influenced by the likes of Moorcock, Dick, Ballard, Pinkwater, and Daevid Allen. You can buy it…

Album Review: Tray Wellington, ‘Black Banjo’ (via Folk Alley / Hearth Music)

Jembaa Groove: Susuma (via Spectrum Culture)


Just 4 copies of Traveling LP by Rid of Me left in Knife Hits vaults

Some synthpunk selections – Metal Urbain – Lady Coca-Cola (h/t Jamie Uhler) + The Faint – Unseen Hand (h/t Mathias)


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