Dispatches from the Underground // March 15, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // March 15, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // March 15, 2022

Recent releases on Minimal Resource Manipulation label

Clara Engel – Their Invisible Hands / Like something dug out of the earth, but slightly luminous / A forest made of scrap metal and sea glass / File under: experimental folk art songs

Drape – Forage / Presence (Infraction) / mastered by Odd Nosdam

Dolo.Seven.Six – Escobarian Hippos (LORETTA RECORDS) / Ummm, hi. This is fantastic. Plus you can get a modified version of hungry hungry hippos /@DJDolo and crew LITERALLY CHANGING THE GAMEAudio Curio

Link by Michael Gordon & David Lang / A collaboration for Icebreaker

TUSK Editions #6

The Arteries of New York City – Album Review (via No More Workhorse)

John Melillo & Ryan Wade Ruehlen – Where Tremble Heart (Unsilent Desert Press)

Yang – Designed For Disaster (Cuneiform Records) / Lunchtime listening: The new album from Yang is really very good indeed. Superb guitar from Frédéric L’Epée and his ensemble. Ticking all sorts of Canterbury, RIO, and other boxesSid Smith

Star Party – Meadow Flower (2022) (via undrcurrents)

New York’s Mean Doomsday Machine A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Can ‘SEE THROUGH YOU’ (via Turn Up the Volume)

Dilla Time (via Sasha Frere-Jones)

Remake/Remodel w/Stranded – March 2022

Loose Canon – Monday 14th March 2022 (#433)

Rose Riebl – Do Not Move Stones (I N N I) (via eeem)

Strange & Unusual Sounds Volume 2 (Euphoriadic)

Bill Baird – ∞ Infinite Eye ∞ (via ManipulantMusic)

Drum & Lace – Natura (Past Inside the Present) (h/t Tyresta)

Mary Halvorson – Amarylis (Nonesuch) / Amaryllis is a six-song suite performed by a newly formed sextet of master improvisers, including Halvorson, Patricia Brennan (vibraphone), Nick Dunston (bass), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), Jacob Garchik (trombone), and Adam O’Farrill (trumpet) (h/t Patricia Brennan)

House of Black Lanterns – Ash + Ash / collection of tracks full of moody four four and rainy London streets (h/t Thomas Ragsdale)

Fundraiser compilation: ВОЛЯ (Muscut) / a Ukrainian guy I work with has a record label that just put out an ambient compilation, go check it out and give them support, it’s great stuff  – Darren Hoyt/Cerca

Lars Haur -Valences :2​:​2​:​2​:​2: (h/t solemnland)

The Hardest Luck Band Ever (via The Stranger / Dave Segal)

Rounding the Fringes – March 13 (via On the Fringes of Sound)


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