Dispatches from the Underground // March 1, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // March 1, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // March 1, 2022

New and Upcoming…Albums, Singles, EPs

John Melillo & Ryan Wade Ruehlen – Where Tremble Heart (Unsilent Desert Press) / Distances crossed and uncrossed. Entanglements time-traveled. Embodied and speculated spaces. Letters cast and undone.

clust.r – S/T (Retrac Recordings / First Class Collective) / dense and maximalist introduction to all of the artist’s tricks while simultaneously paying homage to their biggest influences: tirestires’ “shadowdog,” clarence clarity, boredoms, justice, mr oizo, and also some gamelan and molam music. 

Rubix Kitten – A Rat Sifting Through the Dreams of the Nuclear Winter Wasteland (h/t Armageddon Speaking)

No Translation – rust & remain (A Red Thread / Katuktu Collective) / A documentation of Emma Palm’s Mojave desert home, acknowledging both its inherent beauty and the ways in which it has been neglected / All proceeds for Feb/March go to

Listening Recommendations…Past and Present

EEP – Winter Skin / the fabulous new album ‘Winter Skin’ by the fabulous El Paso, Texas based band – foddermountain

Ceschi – This Guitar Was Stolen Along With Years Of Our Lives (Fake Four) / hear the record that inspired this piece of mine – Nick Colen

Louis DeCicco – Folk for camera / This album has been helping to soothe my mind a bit (but a bit is a lot in these times)Clara Engel

James Newton – Flute Music (Morning Trip) / Making a roux, helping my child make an artifact (an ulu), and listening to flute music – Jen

Last Exit – Iron Path (Venture/Virgin/ESP-Disk) / Moodicastico

The Members – Peel Session 1981 / #RIPNickyTesco – Sean Walters

VA – Withdrawn I (Amgueddfa Llwch) / As it’s #StDavidsDay, why not treat yourself to an armful of fine sounds compiled by those good Welsh folks Amgueddfa Llwch (@Llwch). Money raised from the release will be donated to the Welsh Refugee Council – Sefton Blather

Music Videos

The Earthly Frames – The Empty Fields / This recording focuses on ecosystem degradation and the inevitable environmental collapse. Long string quartets follow the arches of mass extinction cycles, surface temperature data is rendered as a droning, foreboding doomsday siren, and species variation becomes unsurvivable mutations.

Elevator to Hell – Backteeth (Sub Pop) / We’re all on itNot a Sheep. Nope.


AMN Reviews: The Ambient Metal of Marla Van Horn (via Avant Music News)


My AweSOMe Guest List: Black Tape For A Blue Girl (via SonOfMarketing / h/t Projekt Records) / Sam Rosenthal shares 10 artists and tracks which have inspired his music

Ozark Architecture: Giraffe Houses (via Only in Arkansas) / Stolen from a friend on Facebook. These types of houses are so ubiquitous to where I live that I just took them for granted. Apparently they’re really only found in the Ozarks. Fascinating story of Depression era co-op uniqueness based on the rocks here. – Whettman Chelmets

Track Premiere: Robert Nanc “Sech Kleine Klavierstücke – vi. Sehr langsam” (via Foxy Digitalis) / @robertsnance
takes on Schoenberg’s “Sech Kleine Klavierstücke – vi. Sehr langsam” & the results are fantastically surprising. Give it a listen!

1/14 (via Harmonic Series / Keith Prosk / h/t Foxy Digitalis) / conversation with Christina Carter; notation from Bruce Friedman; reviews


Vinyl Williams is heading out on a European tour!


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