Dispatches from the Underground // July 16, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // July 16, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // July 16, 2021

5 Things For the Rabbits Blog Liked This Week

Interview with Justus Proffit, staple of LA’s DIY scene for the last decade > Speedstar is out in August on Bar/None (via It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine)

Soon! A tasty mix of noise rock and punk mixed with a Boredoms sauce and Mr. Bungle with a light touch of technical grind. Co-release by Jelodanti, Le Mat Edition and the Head label. (via  Shiny Beast)

Some feel good hits picked by Silent Words Speak the Loudest – from Bob Mould to Big Brave

10 Favorite New Vinyl Releases for July picked by The Vinyl Factory > With astral spiritual jazz, Japanese hip-hop, UK jungle and more / this week’s rundown is by Vinyl Factory’s Gabriela Helfet and Lazlo Rugoff, alongside Alice Whittington, James Hammond, and Emily Hill (h/t Dagoretti Records)

Up for pre-order now / only 4 CD copies left! – Lost Children by Allysen Callery > Lost Children (home demos) is a collection of songs I recorded on my phone, mostly within moments of being written & then abandoned / These recordings are Very raw, very naked! / Kind of like if you were a silent visitor in my house, sitting nearby me, you can hear my cat meowing, and my husband doing dishes.

New free single from Euglossine >  Harmonizer guitar voice leads you into a circular polygon garden, the data is corrupted and beautiful (out on slagwerk)

Finally out on CD/Vinyl via Moon Glyph – Moss King by Omni Gardens > Fuzzy new age moog drifters and field recordings for relaxed home listening + one by Collin Gorman Weiland  from June of this year, also on MG / album of roughly sewn synthesizers, manipulated piano, sampled orchestras and sermons

Out today on Hausu Mountain – Vines by Damiana > Natalie (TALsounds) & Whitney (matchessound) have been playing live together for years, &  their debut album is complex, transportive, infinite music

Coming in August – A Sky Record by Damon & Naomi (with Kurihara) > a lasting document of those slow days that moved like an unperturbed ocean, “a meditative space,” as Damon and Naomi call it, to crawl inside whenever it once again seems like the current is moving too quickly (h/t Nathan / Riot Act Media)

See a review of Fractions, new album from NY project Synesthete, reviewed by Rob Benny (On the Fringes of Sound)

Video premiere over at Birthday Cake for Breakfast > “Pleasure is Pretence” from Stoke on Trent’s Omnibael, off of their upcoming split with Lip Critic on NIM / Cruel Nature

Only 15 copies of Kitty Hate Machine by Cat Temper left in the vault, so hurry up…

To all you artists in NYC…learn how you can earn a grant from New Music USA

Watch the video for Sekwar – new single from Liars off of upcoming LP on Mute entitled “The Apple Drop” > 20 years 10 albums, hugely under-regarded while Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po in that Animal Collective band got massive (Luke Turner via FRBH Recordings)

Silvio’s: the accidental record store (via Audioculture)


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