Dispatches from the Underground // January 26, 2023
Dispatches from the Underground // January 26, 2023

Dispatches from the Underground // January 26, 2023

New Music

Otto Sidharta – Kajang (Sub Rosa) (h/t T2,000,000)

Museleon – The Glass Forest / Tonight is as good as any, to release my musical response to the beauty of glass and forests, using electronics and field recordings. I hope it also conveys the hopeful anticipation of the lighter days of Spring, which are just around the corner

Heejin Jang – Me and the Glassbirds (Doom Trip)

Listening Recommendations

Swans – Children of God (via thismachinekillsmusic)

Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories / File under: So. Damn. GoodJoJo Six Fo

Dif Juz – Time Turn Back the Clock / So this is pretty exciting. I’ve been looking for this tape for ages and finally found a copy! One of my all time favorite bands and in my opinion one of the best and most distinct instrumental bands from the 1980s. AmazingNicklas Sorensen

Moth Drakula – Live in Purgatory (Swampland) / Blasting the new one from Moth Drakula and, as expected, it rules. The flanger on the b-side just went straight to the dome. Highly recommend a gripFTAM

Kyle Flanagan – Hangman Cut Himself Loose (New Forces) / Second new jam I’ve listened to today is Kyle Flanagan’s “Hangman Cut Himself Loose.” A lot of sonic territory is covered on this one and it’s all excellentFTAM

Marine Eyes – Chamomile (Past Inside the Present) / Finally getting to spend some quality listening time with this gorgeous album from last year / highly recommendedNigel Spencer

Yutaka Hirose – Trace: Sound Design Works 1986​-​1989 (WRWTFWW) (via Synthetic Villains)

Cows – Weird Kitchen (via Your Drunk Uncle)

Live Shows

FiFac’s House – A monthly series at Never Ending Books / Jan 27. in New Haven, CT

Movies / Documentaries

Sisters with Transistors / I love this movieFirefriend

Music Festivals

WrongSpeedFest 2023 / featuring Gum Takes Tooth, Part Chimp, Haress, Hey Colossus and many more


Fågelle interviewed for 15 Questions (h/t Lauren Barley) / I write about the existential. The mundane sluggish parts of life and the friction between people. Trying to face the darkest parts with curiosity, to be brave, and see it all for what it is.


The Capsule Garden Vol 2.2: January 26, 2023 (via Foxy Digitalis)

Whitney’s Playland – “Sunset Sea Breeze” (via Raven Sings the Blues) / With nods to Yo La Tengo, Damon & Naomi, The Sundays, and American Analog Set, Whitney’s Playland finds their niche in the quiet corners of indie pop. The euphoric float is never more present than it is on the title track “Sunset Sea Breeze.”


All things Tony Conrad via Mistake by the Lake

Download codes for Clockwatching by Seawind of Battery

Thread of new releases coming out of Boston in 2023 via Get to the Gig

Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) interview from 1998 (via Aural Medium)

Tiny excerpt from a sublime jam feat. Seawind of Battery, Jarod Annis and Ryley Walker (h/t Record Crates United)

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