Dispatches from the Underground // January 2022, Vol. 1
Dispatches from the Underground // January 2022, Vol. 1

Dispatches from the Underground // January 2022, Vol. 1

New and Upcoming…Albums, Singles, EPs

solemnland – Backlit Memory: Exit / Out on Bandcamp – January 2 / Part Three of The Urban Marginalia Trilogy

Azhdarchids – The Great Dying / The duo of Terran Wretch and Jason Soliday

Sarah Davachi – Long Gradus (Part IV) / Very happy to share that the live recording of my piece, Long Gradus, written for and premiered by Quatuor Bozzini this past September, is now available to stream. This is the final of the piece’s four parts (h/t Jesse Locke)

Wooden Wand – Farmer’s Corner – Director’s Cut (Remastered) / wooden wand’s 2014 album farmer’s corner just hit bandcamp (pretty sure its not on spotify(lol) or other streaming services) / it’s 1 of my personal faves in a catalog full of music i love / plus, its ‘name your price’ – Arise

Wind Tide – Sound from Focused and Found Routines / me & Gretchen put up some new very harsh Wind Tide music, as well as a whole mess of ceramics, prints, collages, etc. – Andrew Weathers

Anna L.H. Rose & Brad E. Rose – Blanket (The Jewel Garden) / For virtual school last fall, one of the projects my kid wanted to do was collaborate on an album together. It was such a fun and amazing experience and we finished it over the weekend

Pan•American – The Patience Fader / It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s a new Pan•American album on the way!!!no place like drone

aboombong – apophenia / drumkit, darbuka, dumbek, double sanza, tongue drum, field drum, tenor pan, guitar, piano, sequencer, treatments, feedback, field recording

Mercy Choir – The Devil Went Down to 2022 1​.​6​.​22

Grzegorz Bojanek – Damaged EP / You can get digital or a #handmade #physical release (only 23 copies are made). Grab one now if you are into #ambient or #ambient guitar music

The Body & OAA – Enemy of Love / This truly just sounds like hellCatboy Stevens

Ross Gentry – Apparitional (American Dreams) / First @AmerDreams release announce of 2022! This one’s by Asheville’s @rossgentry with art by Thom Nguyen, mastered by everyone’s friend @andrewweathers. Debut single “Tusk” now up on BC as well as preorder. Lush, orchestral, droning soundscapes

Sivyj Yar – Golden Threads (Avantgarde Music) / A significant change of sound; stripping all the metal away, to an album of hazy rustic medieval ambient folkmeatbreak

Colonial Skyway – Evening on Earth (Submarine Broadcasting Company)

Blue Globe Beats – Blue Ridge Mountain Beats (h/t T2,000,000)

zakè and City of Dawn – Agape (Azure Vista) / On Agape, pioneers of slow-evolving minimal drone, zakè (a.k.a. Zach Frizzel) and City of Dawn (a.k.a. Damien Duque) transform unadorned inputs into beautiful complexity. The drone duo, based in Texas and Indiana respectively, is known for their carefully crafted textures, avoiding sudden shifts or abrasive sororities. Their focus offer up the steady ebb and flow of sound, cultivating a profound sense of meditative stasis and explorations of high-fidelity sound. (h/t Stephan Matheiu)

VA – NYH244 Less Weird Parallel Universe – Nearly 20 Years of Erikoisdance (New York Haunted) (h/t Panakin Skywalker)

New and Upcoming…Compilations

Hordijk, Vol. 1 (Flag Day Recordings)  / Nice to see this collection going public. Originally put together by Richard and Jos as a Christmas present for Rob Hordijk with music made using his wonderful instruments. My piece ‘A Season Later (for RH)’ is streaming nowJohn Chantler

THE BLOOD OF ANCIENT GODS VOL. 2 (humanhood recordings)

Sounds for the Soul: Ambient Compilation 4 (Sounds for the Soul Records) / A perfect wind-down, Sunday evening, soundtrack. Great compilation @SFTS_rec. Recommended highly. EnjoyDisruptive Rhythms Electronic Music Radio


Listening Recommendations from the Past / Months Prior

ROCK – S/T (Home Assembly Music) / Reminder that this album by ROCK (@hellomalk) and @chr1s_adams) released by those lovely people from Saltaire @homeassembly is just perfect. One of the covers of the year and tracks like ‘Gold Tides’ get me every time – post-HOOD lovelinessFRBH Recordings

big blood – Fight for Your Dinner Vol. II (dontrustheruin) (h/t Matthew Hiram)

V/A – Harmony of the Spheres (Drunken Fish Records) / The best of the austere nineties space rock crew(Bardo Pond, Flying Saucer Attack, Jessamine, Roy Montgomery, and Loren Mazzacane Connors, and Charalambides) doing lengthy zoned out rituals. Essential compAdam Grimord-Isham

The Oscillation – Expanding (h/t T2,000,000)

Minced Oath – Superstrate (Countersunk) / Just getting round to giving this my full attention… a serious piece of work here from @SunkenFoal…this man does not miss (h/t Sean Clancy)

Scream Time – Scream Time, Now! (Fitness Cassettes) / @ScreamTimeNow is, has been, and always will be the real thing

Bow Ever Down – Let It Burn / Really like this group, it’s like 90’s Goth never left! And Kim is a great vocalist, definitely check this groupVVMPYRE

JPE – S/T / @meemocomma & @dabravanel invented a genre that may be your new homechaircrusher

Pylon Reenactment Society – Compression (single)

Hugo Largo – Drum / The sound of a snow-dusted landscape that will eventually be disturbed into slushy grey, but hasn’t yetAna

Axebreaker – The Whited Sepulcher / Power electronics for counterpower: a vital intervention in a genre that typically hails reactionary forces of subjugation and domination – Phil Neff

Barbara Golden – Not Dead Yet (fo’c’sle) / 80th birthday career retrospective, Mills College backgroundBill Barnett

Hello Whirled – God Save the Queen Bee / I’m super excited to welcome @benhellowhirled to the roster! Look for a new Hello Whirled album later this year and in the mean time check out this gem from the enormous HW back catalog! – Repeating Cloud

Secret Pyramid – Embers (Geographic North) / @apyramid_ on Twitter (h/t connect_icut)

Eppu Kaipainen – Poiu (Decaying Spheres) / Helsinki based producer Eppu Kaipainen returns to Decaying Spheres. Poiu explores how music can change our perception of time, with an investigation into the Eno-creed of ambient; when something is both ignorable and focusable, lending itself to an amorphous feeling of time (h/t My Carbon Life)

Hellwxrld Discs – fear. / Everything free dl get em while u can

Paul Steen – Colossus / It’s pretty silly that more of you have not purchased this (or his other album). Brilliant stuff – Allister Thompson

Canyons – Stay Buried / Stoked to be a part of getting Canyons ‘Stay Buried’, which I previously released to cassette, onto vinyl as my first announced release of the yearKnife Hits

Alison Cotton – Only Darkness Now (Bloxham Tapes) (h/t Christopher Whitby)

The Judgment of Paris – Goddesses / Still deep in the end of year lists, I found this album of contemporary music from an Australian recorder quartet – a really nice mix, from more trad baroque sounding stuff, right through to discordant drone pieces. Recommended! – The Mighty Concrete Tapes

Kevin Drumm – Shut In-etc / I think Drumm makes very beautiful noiseEl Barto Army


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