Dispatches from the Underground // February 2022, Vol. 2
Dispatches from the Underground // February 2022, Vol. 2

Dispatches from the Underground // February 2022, Vol. 2

New and Upcoming…Albums, Singles, EPs

Color Advance SP & POLYMONO – Wii Phone (Fotoshoppe Co.) / wow what an album title and cover. This is realZoro

Gnod – Hexen Valley (Rocket Recordings)

DJ Travella – Mr Mixondo (Nyege Nyege Tapes) / as ever, bought the next Nyege Nyege Tapes release the second i saw the email / warp speed ballistic singeli production from the 19 year old Tanzanian artist. preview track is wild. stokedGood Willsmith

feeble little horse – modern tourism (Crafted Sounds) / some seriously good noise pop right here / tapes will come with a couple bonus goodies

Point No Point – The Sky Was Orange (Spati Palace) (h/t Katuktu Collective)

Kinbrae & Clare Archibald – Birl of Unmap (Full Spectrum)

g h 0 s t – 喚起 (My Pet Flamingo) / If you miss out on buying this, you are taking a massive L. This is probably the best vaporwave album ever madeEnraile

Rene Kita – Fraught Mackerel / A love letter to Frequency Modulation. Hello, FM, here’s your wake up call: SQUEEEEEEAAAARGHWHEEEEEE…

The Night Monitor – Their Dark Dominion (Fonolith) / Great Popol Vuh vibesJohn Sabapathy

Listening Recommendations…Past and Present

VA – Prologue IV (FarFetched) / This album features some of the most incentive, creative, weird & exciting musicians in the St Louis scene collaborating with each other in ways I was astounded by. Farfetched made it happen & as a city there should be a commemoration of Farfetchedc.l. melkus

75 Dollar Bill – Wood​​/​​Metal​​/​​Plastic​​/​​Pattern​​/​​Rhythm​​/​​Rock (h/t remotecore)

Frustration – Relax / very underrated band. i know bc even I only heard about them a couple years ago – Christopher Nadeau

Opin – Media & Memory (WarHen Records) / Media & Memory, @opinband’s most recent long player & one of the most unique records in the WH catalog, is on sale for 15% off! Use code OPIN15 at checkout. All copies include a gratis DL of Media & Memory REMIXED as well. Orders shipping always

Microphase – Tales from the Silent City (Flambient) / My album of the day – Patricia Wolf

Anthony Child – Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol 1 (Editions Mego) / Squeezing in some ambient drone to round off the weekIan Quann

Vanishing Twin – Pensiero Magico (Fire Records) (h/t Pretty Odd Authority)

Hark/We Are Joiners Split (Totally Real Records)

Andrew Chalk – HIGAN (Faraway Press) (h/t Polar Seas)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

Strange Brew #290 – Pour Another

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Under 50 – new playlist from Mitch Berghini / Ami Dang, SomeOthaShip Connect and more

The Moderns ep. 197 / hosted by Kevin Press / featuring Telefis and Jah Wobble, farmersmanual, Trupa Trupa, Kinbrae & Clare Archibald and more


Laraaji :: Transmissions (via Jason P. Woodbury / Aquarium Drunkard)

Come – Peel Sessions (via Aural Aggravation)

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.5: February 11, 2022 (via Foxy Digitalis)

Big Music Needs to Be Broken Up to Save the Industry (via Wired / clocolan)

Make Your Own Taste – big ol’ music blog of Allister Thompson

SINGLES & EPS ROUND UP – 12TH FEBRUARY 2022 (Slow Music Movement) / Four more singles & EPs that don’t deserve to get buried in the deluge ranging from fragile folk and art inspired ambient to epic neoclassical and preening Balearic boogie. Get stuck in

Illuminating the Horizon (via Ryan/Heavy Cloud) / A round-up of recent ambient and experimental sounds lighting up my ears throughout the past few months

Amanda Montell – Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism (h/t Ana)

Friday Feedback (wrap-up for week ending 2/11/22) (via Saby Reyes-Kulkarni)


Pay what you want offering from solemnland!

Back in stock – Keys by Bill MacKay / Nathan Bowles

Last bundle the Grand Veymont tapes left in Moon Glyph vault

Grab a March bundle from Wormhole World

Grab a copy of an excellent Doom Mix, Vol. V comp before gone for good


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