Dispatches from the Underground // December 2021, Vol . 4
Dispatches from the Underground // December 2021, Vol . 4

Dispatches from the Underground // December 2021, Vol . 4

New and Upcoming…Albums, Singles, EPs

Soulstess – V / A new equinox offering from Soulstessmeatbreak

Sontag Shogun – Flutter & Scrape (Flag Day Recordings) / walking performance for prepared piano, aleatorically prepared room & objects, sine & square wave oscillators, tapes, voice, EMF signal, & time-based electronics

tarotplane – Lysergic Forgeries / todays mountain edition of Sunrise Coffee & Cannabis is exquisitely soundtracked by @tarotplane_ Lysergic Forgeries / even if they’re forgeries,the chemist tapped into lysergic power of the originals&created a vehicle fully capable of guiding deep journeysrise804

Sidekick Wave – Sleigh Your Ego (Charity EP) (Civic Duty Records)

bahia mansa – boyas + monolitos (Irán Wym Organización) / This was inspired by this year’s trips to the sea which were quite a lot. It’s also kind of a romantic album in its own way, go give it a listen. There will be a beautiful tape edition on early January 22. Thanks!

Future Children – The Crying of Lot 49 Soundtrack / Listen with, or without, prejudice. It’s up to you which. We’re cool like that;

Tangents – Timeslips & Chimeras / I took a random punt on this album recently and oh wow it did NOT disappointThomas Ragsdale

Shinra Knives – In Grief / My brother’s old roommate makes the absolute sickest, face-melting, ass-shaking electronic music. Long-awaited absolute headphones masterpiece just dropped – def check this outSaul Wright

Herpes Trout – Blues for Annihilation (h/t T2,000,000)

Hole Dweller – the first of yule [demo] / Perfect Christmas morning making coffee musicAna

smell – toe (h/t Patrick S Barry)

Cache Mirrors – History of a Closed Circuit / I was gonna wait on opening preorders for this gorgeous ambient album, but our pal Cormac who made it is under the weather and temporarily out of work, so we’re running this one early. All preorder sales go straight to the artistRepeating Cloud

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra – STYLOPHONIKA (Spun Out Of Control) (h/t Rick Flynn)

New and Upcoming…Compilations

Calescent (Audionautic Records)

Strength in Numbers, Vol. 5 (Chant Records)


C O L O R S Q U A D 0 1 1 (Color Squad Records) (h/t umbromaniii)

We Beat a Different Drum / To celebrate 5 years of Subtempo, we’ve put together a compilation of up-and-coming talent, some veterans like Axel Toben and Souns, as well as new friends of the label. A perfect tempo for this time of the year, a gift from us to youSubtempo

Listening Recommendations from the Past / Months Prior

francisco lópez – Hidden Island Music (untitled #398) (Discrepant) (h/t Sean Clancy)

PBK and C. Reider – Controlled Flight Into Terrain (h/t Andrew Weathers)

Yoichi Ichikawa – Sea that has Become Known (Unfinished House) (h/t T2,000,000)

Will Guthrie – Nist-Nah (Black Truffle) (h/t Jonathan)

fingerspit – Sounds of Sympathy (h/t Eeem)

Humanoid – 7 Songs (De:tuned) (h/t Will McAlpine)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – S/T (h/t Rick Flynn)

Aeon Station – Observatory / my 2021 album of the yearnoonesphere

Lea Bertucci – A Visible Length of Light / One of the best albums of the year. Don’t miss it. You still have timeLamberg

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

Collection of 2021 music from friends, inspirations and peers put together by J. Gorecki (Bricolage)


Sweeping Promises Talk Engineering Their Signature Sound, Touring, Social Media, and More | Feature Interview (via Post-Trash)


Tom Scharpling – It Never Ends / Not a Best Show super fan though I’ve dug it when I’ve heard it and love the Scharpling and Wurster bits, and I enjoyed this a lotAdam Grimord Isham


Some records from 2021 picked by Polar Seas

Records from 2021 that made Justin Spicer happy

Get 60% off of Ryan Wade Ruehlen’s discography / All sales support him and the fam’s ability to pay rent and eat delicious burritos

One (!) copy of Robedoor vinyl left in Deathbomb Arc vault

No Escape festival happening on Facebook on Dec. 26

Up on Youtube now > Rucksack Records channel


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