Dispatches from the Underground // December 2021, Vol . 2
Dispatches from the Underground // December 2021, Vol . 2

Dispatches from the Underground // December 2021, Vol . 2

New and Upcoming…Albums, Singles, EPs

The Wyndham Research Institute – The Concise Illustrated History of The Wyndham Research Institute (Hream Recordings)

Two new tapes ( Lambda Sond / Brian Thummler) on Important Records

Two new tapes on Steep Gloss as well

Natalia Beylis – Variations on a Sewing Machine (Beartown Records) / Recorded using a contact mic, Singer MCPK 5802C and a Harley Benton mini looper pedal / The recordings are not processed through electronics allowing the sounds of the Singer to ring true to life / Unfortunately, this may have been the Singer MCPK 5802C’s final outing as the machine caught fire during the recording process

Cheer-Accident – Hong Kong (Shameless) / Based on a series of recordings made in August 2015 on walks through various neighbourhoods and locations around Hong Kong and its surrounding environs, this record combine those sound sounds with veteran Chicago art rock unit Cheer-Accident’s fragmentary improvisational performances – The Wire

subduxtion – Desire (Internet and Weed) / a bliss out techno/minimal dub affair

ROCK – S/T (Home Assembly) / A collaboration between myself and @chr1s_adams, something I don’t think we thought would sound like this when we first came up the ideaMALK

Rene Kita – kalabaliikki / A friendly car crash of a record / Eight voices and a drum machine

Jeff Parker – Forfolks (International Anthem) / Jeff Parker’s new album of solo guitar works includes interpretations of Monk’s “Ugly Beauty” and the standard “My Ideal,” plus 6 original compositions. The new original compositions are loop-driven, stratiform works that marry melodic improvisation with electronic texturesLandlocked Music

New and Upcoming…Compilations

Supernormal Zine + The Life of an Uncultured Magician Compilation (h/t Baba Yaga’s Hut)

Remain Alone (A Disciples Compilation) (Disciples)

And more goodies from Disciples…Even The Cracked Let In Some Light / A walk around the ESP Neighbourhood, with Magic Roundabout as your guide

Project OO (Touched Music) / New track on this phenomenal 5CD charity compilation alongside some huge names (FSOL, 808 State), for an incredible cause. Go and help OonaEnofa (h/t Third Kind)

Rusted Drones Vol. 1 (Rusted Tone Recordings) / final say of 2021 

United Cassettes Fundraising Compilation (United Cassettes) / The moment has come. The first
@unitedcassettes compilation is out. Bringing my favorite thing to a new platform. We are raising money to build a new map of cassette labels for @unitedcassettes. Thanks for getting the comp and sharing it with friendsFilip Zemčík

Radio Shows, Mixes, Podcasts

Christmas Special from Elizabeth Crompton

Sidetracks 26 / 2hr 40m beast compiled by Michael McGarrity

#2136: All The Little Things Are Adding Up (2021 Review pt. 4) (via Freelance Fiends) / SANTACON IS HAPPENING HERE’S SOME SOUNDS TO DROWN OUT THE RETCHING LOVE YA

Numbers – Episode 305 / Great set of psyched out and experimental tunes from Joe this weekMan from Atlantis

Listening Recommendations…Past and Present

April Larson – Singles 2011​-​2016 (h/t odubhda)

The Soulless Party – The Black Meadow Archive (Castles in Space) / Been far too long since this atmospheric masterclass in #darkwave #hauntronica has had a spinDavid Soulscorch

Beauty Pill – Instant Night (Northern Spy) / The designer in me who wants to simply display this somehow and keep it sealed is at odds with the music lover who wants to drop a needle on it. Nicely doneSean Caldwell / Letters from a Tapehead

Seefeel x KMRU – Rapture To Rupt / Loving this mixtape from @joseph_kamaru exploring the catalogue of fuzzy electro-gazing band @seefeel_signalsRobin Rimbaud / Scanner

Eat Avery’s Bones – Instrument Petting Zoo (Decoherence Records) / Intrigued by the Denton, Texas freak rock/no wave scene. They seem to channel the underbelly of nineties indie with their Spasm Smashes and Twin Infinitives and a big dose of Half Japanese!Adam Grimord-Isham

Robert Haigh – Human Remains (Unseen Worlds) / Looking forward to this…ships in…um…August (ouch)icastico

Sleepmute – It’s As Sad As A Glass, This River (h/t burnstand)

A couple of reissues picked by jeff / jazyjef

Aaron Oppenheim – Labor (Full Spectrum) / Listening to @gib_gab‘s new album Labor while laboring at the day job – David Menestres

More picks from David….Cosmic Flush by Rammellzee

Paula Tape – Astrofuturismo (Rhythm Section) / 4-track house EP; I’m sure this is entirely coincidental, but the sound is often quite similar to the first China Crisis album!Bill Barnett

Kuedo – Severant / Phwoar, this still sounds like the future, 10 years onworriedaboutsatan

Inoculation – Celestial Putridity (Maggot Stomp) / since i saw them last night, quick plug for a record that was not at all surprisingly kickass – Death Metal Radio

Valotihkuu – Soft Focus (h/t eeem)

James Yorkston – J Wright Presents (CRAWS) / James Yorkston’s J Wright alter ego electronics proj is an oddball delight. Dig in and discoverMonorail Music (h/t David Jaycock)

Big Black – Bazooka Joe (h/t NoiseCrumbs)

We Are Joiners – Clients + Carriers / We are going to release a shitload of new tracks in the first months of 2022, a split, new EP, and 2 studiosingles! We still have this thing from last year: treat yourself! 

Binaural Space – Velvet Freedom (h/t T2,000,000)

Cole Pulice – Gloam (Moon Glyph) / fractalized clarinet distortions, trust me. its so goodSteve Palmer

Polypores – Crystal Shop (Waxing Crescent Records) / We’ve been super enjoying the Crystal Shop from
@stephenjbuckley on @Waxing_Cres_Rec over the last couple of weeks – if you’re stuck for Xmas present ideas you should def pop this one on your listHymns for Robots

Deathprod – Morals and Dogma (h/t Hitodama_Drone)

DOLPO – Inner Himalayas (WV Sorcerer Productions 巫唱片) (h/t T2,000,000)

Niton – Cemento (Shameless) / Released on vinyl is a spellbinding album of Italo-Swiss Krautrock sounds Shiny Beast

Bat for Lashes – The Big Sleep / I remain a big fan of the Bat For Lashes and Scott Walker collaborationDale Cornish

Mapache – 3 (Innovative Leisure) (h/t Vogon Laundromat)

The Physics House Band – Incident On 3rd (Unearthly Vision) / skronk-leaning instrumental prog rock from UK trioBill Barnett


The Problem with Live Music (via Dada Drummer Almanach)

Nick Storring reviews Scroll by Badge Epoch (via Musicworks) / out now on Telephone Explosion

Lucid Dreaming by Concentrick / Talked to Tim Green not about his legendary bands Nation of Ulysses and Fucking Champs but his should be legendary solo project Concentrick to celebrate the tape reissue by Daft Alliance of the great album Lucid DreamingAdam Grimord-Isham

THE JOYZINE ADVENT CALENDAR – 24 DAYS OF FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS! #11 / New @theleaflibrary and @fire_stations too! #adventagogoJohn Jervis

The ‘real’ New York: Gritty scenes of NYC street life, 1970 (via Dangerous Minds)

Up for pre-order via Rocket 88 – Mark Hollis: A Perfect Silence / Tracing Mark Hollis’s life from earliest beginnings through his formative years, author Ben Wardle offers genuine insight into the creative forces which helped shape the sound and songs recorded by Talk Talk (h/t Reveal Records / The Fierce & The Dead)

East axis – Cool with That / Still think this is one of the best records of the year – russjazz

[Album Streaming]: The KVB – “Unity” (via Sonofmarketing)

Video Premiere – “Reamin Explain” by Howardian (via Scenepointblank)

Spellling seizes the moment (via Treble)

Patrick O’Brian – The Ionian Mission / “…from the quartering of badgers, rescued from a baiting, in her coal-shed to the introduction of separate limbs and even of whole orphans for dissection when they were in good supply towards the end of winter…” (h/t Simon Spanton)


Bitchin Bajas, Ryley Walker and Tonstartssbandht are heading on tour next March / consider an advance ticket so the promoters don’t eat shit / or just tell a friend (h/t Heesu81)

Roundup of new releases by Doomsayer2001

Little taster for new Soundtracking the Void release  (h/t My Carbon Life)

Watch the new mini-music video from Megazillion / based on a track from a grindhouse spoof he scored, some public domain stuff and all the effects he can

Get a 20% discount on all music/merch by Clara Engel until Dec. 21

Up for pre-order via Blue Tapesblue forty-one by The All Golden / Pete Gofton aka J Xaverre aka Johnny X aka The All Golden conjures fuzzy four-track musical memories on this collection of home demos recorded between 1992 and 2021 / For fans of 90s lo-fi & bedroom-recorded post-rock

Up for pre-order via Fuzz Club > Sei Still – Fuzz Club Session / Following their new ‘El Refugio’ album, Mexican post-punk/krautrock group @sei_still_band are back already

Up for pre-order > Crustacean Theory by Pulco (h/t Goodparley)

Second issue of We Jazz Magazine is out now

Taster/teaser for upcoming Field Lines Cartographer release on Woodford Halse

Celebrate 25th anniversary of label activity with Temporary Residence Limited

Friday Five from the Moderns

Xmas sale at Wormhole World / All 2020 CDs reduced to £1.50 each

Low stock alert! The Lemon of Pink by The Books (Temporary Residence Limited)

Roundup of recent purchases by Zoro / Zoroarkfilms

50% off FRKTL discography!

Penultimate release of 2021 by Bricolage > Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Migration of the Meaning

Take a peek into vinyl reissue of We Love the City by Hefner / coming in Feb. 2022 via wiaiwya

Up for grabs – 10 artist copies of the Parish/Stein/Piechocki album

Last 10 copies of Primitive Future/Lyran Group tape left in Eiderdown Records vault


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