Dispatches from the Underground // August 7, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // August 7, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // August 7, 2021

Listen to worriedaboutsatan remix of The Anchoress + some reading via whisperinandhollerin / Chris Nosnibor

If you’re anywhere near Sunderland, UK at the end of November > Boundariefest is happening on Nov. 26/27 and will feature Dylan Nyoukis, Guttersnipe, Karen Constance, Rhodri Davies and many more (h/t Box Records)

If you’re anywhere near North London today > Andy Bell (Ride, Glok) plays an improvised jam session at Lo-Fi Coffee / streamed over IG (h/t Sonic Cathedral)

Check the roundup of unhyped Bandcamp Friday releases via CDM (h/t BVSMV)

Over at Songs Smiths > read up on / listen to Chairs Missing, second studio LP by Wire, which was released on this day back in 1978 (!) (h/t The Real MTG)

Over at Learn and Sing > Interview with Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas / Stereolab)

Over at Further. > Review of Perception Report 3 by The Night Monitor

Over at Beats per Minute > Bonjour Motherfuckers #16 – BPM Edition

Out at the end of August via Shinyhappy Records / subjangle > new album by The Fisherman and His Soul (Germany)

Out on Sept. 3 > Every Adventure Forthcoming, new LP from Genetic Effects

Post-Punk Sampler from Records I Like

OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #147

A show is happening today at the punk rock parking lot of ONCE Somerville! Performances by True Faith, The Final Sound + more start at 12 pm

New Liars reviewed by BenW / Buzz Magazine!

Out next week via Repeater Books – Junglist / taps into the importance of London’s dance scenes and sound system culture more broadly, while shining a light on how they impacted “a generation of Black British ravers – The Vinyl Factory

Take a synthwalk with Bill T Miller

The Petridisch Tapes (in lieu of Bandcamp Friday release) + Nova Naturo, new one from Haco (who released material on Fish Prints)

Listen to the first radio show from Haunted Generation / Bo Fischer / music from The Settlers, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Play School, James Last, Dave & Toni Arthur plus school assembly favourites and a bit of gentle rambling

And more radio shows…James Bernard taking over Blast Radio tomorrow with some unreleased acid and beats + Cosmic Slop tonight at 7PM on WRIR!


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