Dispatches from the Underground // August 6, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // August 6, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // August 6, 2021

Out this Fall via Hermit Cave (Hex Records imprint) > Grizzlor – Hammer of Life >  Connecticut’s most aggressively annoyed noise rock trio, return with their second LP / Comparisons to the likes to early Melvins, Drunks With Guns, Weedeater, and Deadguy would not be out of place

Also out in the Fall (via Pi Recordings) > Poof, new solo album from saxophonist/composer Henry Threadgill (ex-Material, Air, Zooid) (h/t jazyjef)

Out today on Chinabot  > We are Strong by Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller

Out today on Box Records > Oblong, debut album from Obey Cobra / Heavy feedbacker psychedelia with punk and electronic touches – Buzz Mag

Out today on Airbag Records > self-titled by High Functioning / The intoxicated and intoxicating proto-punk / sub-metal of High Functioning’s self-titled debut EP throws three tracks of psycho-delic rock’n’roll right at you, pummeling your eardrums with a motorik heartbeat suffering from palpitations

Out today > Unheard Delia by Hannah Peel / A special edition digital EP to accompany the Hyundai Mercury Nominated 2021 ‘Fir Wave’ album / Includes a previously unheard interview with Delia Derbyshire, edited and underscored by Hannah Peel, plus specially commissioned remixes by Radiophonic Workshop members Mark Ayres and Paddy Kingsland (h/t Chickfactorzine)

Out today via Deathbomb Arc > self-titled by Mother of Sighs (Erica Burgner-Hannum / Terence Hannum) (h/t Anti-Gravity Bunny)

Out today – BOMBS-BALL by Floor Baba

Up for pre-order via Wormhole World > Theramin, second album by WIP

Up for pre-order via Whited Sepulchre > collaborative album between Jeremiah M. Carter and Chelsea Bridge out 09.17.21

Up for pre-order via Spun Out of Control > The Family by Repeated Viewing / The world & his wife have fresh new tunes lined up for #BandcampFriday… but do any of them involve a satanic biker gang & levitation rituals?

Up for pre-order via Third Kind Records > Geocentrics by Pharagonesia / Pharagonesia are Dark Half and Nicholas Langley and the sound of this album is inspired by the likes of The Orb, Goldie and New Order

Out on August 20 via Elevator Bath > Radioactive Desire by Bob Bellerue / Intense, cathartic, and amazing / The physical copy is also beautiful to behold (h/t Andrew Anderson)

Taster of May We Roam, upcoming album by UK’s Utopian Mechanics / mastered by Polypores

New Cassette Compilation from Triplicate!

New single from Big Voyage / “Megalodon” is super hard, “Whale” is super chill

Remastered digital single + comic book from Zeni Geva – out on Skin Graft Records

A wee preview of the split between Veins Full of Static and Salvatore Mercatante

Up for pre-order via Centripetal Force > The Perhaps / Acid Mothers Temple & Infinity Rising Zero split

Up for pre-order via Warhen Records > Primitive Future 2, first LP from the Modern Folk

Support black musicians!

Over at God is in the TV > conversation w/Mika Berenyi (Lush/Piroshka)

Over at Dagger Zine > review of the brand new S/T Umbrellas record / out today on Slumberland Records

Shipping on Aug. 9 is a very hot sounding (as per Jamie Orlando) Summer 2021 Batch from Constellation Tatsu


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