Dispatches from the Underground // August 13, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // August 13, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // August 13, 2021

Flashback – Battles, live at Supersonic 2008 / With many albums released with Warp Records, live is where these guys excel. Fine musicianship and a desire to make you dance

Out now on Warm Winters Ltd. > Minua – Simulacra / thick, impasto layers of slow-moving sound that completely command your attention

Out now on Difficult Art And Music > Semblances by Daniel Alexander Hignell + Brexshitting compilation

Out now on An’archives > The Night by LSD March / Japanese acid rockers LSD March recorded this in 2008, but have only just got around to giving it a proper release / Their music draws comparisons to Les Rallizes Denudes – swathes of distortion/quietness and dejected vocals (h/t Norman Records)

Out now > You & The Night by Closed Circuits (h/t Andrew Anderson)

Out now > Only Us by Artemis’s Arrow

Out now on FRBH Recordings > Music for Video by The Pressure Group / Themes for the video ‘Seeing The’ presented at the 4th Leeds International Film Festival in October 1990. Freedom and censorship were the central themes of the festival

Out now on Hausu Mountain > d’Eon – Rhododendron / digi counterpoint, electronic chamber music, MIDI RPG prog, glitched horn / string mosaics

Out now on Underwater Computing > Teenage Dreams compilation

Out tomorrow > No Country For ___ Men by Lars Haur

Out next week > Dressed in Borrowed Light by Clara Engel

Up for pre-order via Crafted Sounds > Do You Like Salt? by BRNDA / Listen to Aunt Linda, c. 1989 single / Topics of interest include salt, tennis, existentialism, poached avocado, your 45-year plan, tea… all which are expressed through a carousel of honest vocal performance (singing, shouting, speaking, radio static) from all members of the band

Up for pre-order > (Drone Variations) Vol. VI by Off Land

Over at Record Crates United > What Does Optimism Look Like? — A Conversation with Jerry David DeCicca

Over at Post-Trash > review of Exit from the Ultra-World by Perfect Angels aka Zach Phillips / Perfect in its imperfect way, if you will

Over at Dagger Zine > review of Love Too Late by Sorrows / out now on Big Stir Records + 10 Favorite Songs By Pylon!

Over at Raven Sings the Blues > Mixtape: Quadraphonic Chalet – A Prog/Jazz/Psych Explosion

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Improvising Away the Ghosts With Mark Shippy and Alex Cunningham

Latest episode of Space is the Place radio show! Featuring Mdou Moctar, Santa Sprees, Andrulian, Acef Stripe and more

For all you zine/art lovers out there > Ensemble De Cadavres Exquis, Volume Two: Apparitions & Phenomena is available now via Submarine Broadcasting Company / full colour art-zine printed on 120gsm uncoated paper

Brand New Tracks From Nyc Bands + Weird Oldies For You To Listen To Until Your Phone Overheats from Freelance Fiends

All the way from 1984…modular synthesis explained! (h/t Kieran Mahon)

Stream A Carnival of Sorts, compilation of REM covers from God is in the TV

Check out eBay auction for signed/sealed copy of Interim Report, March 1979″ by Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan / all proceeds going to onetreeplanted.org

Friday Five from The Moderns! / Five new releases you need to know

July 2021 listening picks from undrcurrents

FFFoxy Podcast #187 from Free Form Freakout! Lots of high-quality albums to play and discuss this time around, including new works from Aaron Dillioway & Lucrecia Dalt, Johnny Coley, Eric Arn, Maxine Funke, Dereck Higgins, and much more

In case you missed it – Aug. 7 episode of The Seance radio show!

From 2020…Treble’s guide to Brian Eno’s ambient albums

Last, but not least…New Music Friday from Small Albums!

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