Dispatches from the Underground // April 19, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // April 19, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // April 19, 2022

New Music

Some new from Whited Sepulchre Rec! / Our 15th release was a cassette by the prolific and enigmatic artist Nicole Oberle whose work in the fields of textural ambient music and lo-fi beat-oriented work unfolds to reveal layers of emotional transparency and honesty.

Model Home – Saturn In The Basement / FX-warped avant-rap flow + abstracted beats & synths ft. a collab w/ Japanese post-punk icon PhewUnsung Hunger

SAVAK – Human Error / Human Delight (h/t Daggerboy)

Oberlin – Dymaxion Variations (Mahorka) / Imagine yourself having the chance to take a ride in Richard Buckminster-FullerĀ“s fully developed Dymaxion-car and float ergonomically and ecologically through every imaginable landscape. What music would you like to hear in it?

Cool Ricky – Satanic Panic (Z Tapes) / The trashiest of trash rockers

Hiroshi Ebina – It Just Is (Mystery Circles)

Listening Recommendations

Scorn – Silver Rain Fell (via Inari Takeda)

Path of Might – Mercenary Territory / I know I’m notoriously weak for Neurosis/Isis type stuff but to me this transcends imitation. The bass sound, the vocals, the synths… It all feels fresh & excitingcl melkusĀ 


Sub-Sub Strata, Vol. 2 / New volume of Sub-Sub Strata has been published via @FFFreakout, w/ words on new music from Abby Lee Tee, Guenter Schlienz, Joys Union Group, Meadow Argus, and The Jonny Halifax InvocationMatthew Hiram

New Music to Delight Your Ears – The Sewer Cats (via thedevilstuna)

Bruce Adams – You’re with Stupid – kranky, Chicago, and the Reinvention of Indie Music / just pre-ordered this book about @krankyltd by @BruceMAdams / cant waitcinchel

Treetrax Volume One (via Eternity Tree)

Superpoze ~ Nova Cardinale (via A Closer Listen)

Taichi Chishaki – Nocturnes op.5 (via Super Super Sounds)

Four, Score!: Calling All Astronauts, Anatomy of the Heads, Jon Shuemaker, and Argali Records Netlabel (via Albert E Trapezoid)


Guerilla Toss show poster made by Jeff Bartell

First edition cassettes for @Ki_Oni ‘Indoor Plant Life’ are now sold out. Second Edition is already in the works. Forest green ink on yellow cassettes! You can pre-order now!Sound as Language (h/t duplication.ca)


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