Dispatches from the Undeground // August 2023, Pt. 2
Dispatches from the Undeground // August 2023, Pt. 2

Dispatches from the Undeground // August 2023, Pt. 2

New Music

Witch on Horseback – Jumand (Difficult Arts and Music)

Mendoza Hoff Revels – Echolocation (AUM Fidelity) / Sick electric psycho jazz-rock quartet for the ages – Jake Saunders

Feeling Figures – Migration Magic / There is a 100% chance this upcoming Feeling Figures album tops my list of 2023 favorites – Courtesy Desk

Tat Songs – Western Promises / this is so good – Joel Berk

Sonic Youth – Live in Brooklyn 2011 (Silver Current Records) / aka the last show (h/t Nathan Walker)

Violet Nox – Vortices & Voices (Somewherecold Records)

Galan/Vogt – All The Time In the World (Alpha & Madeleine Cocolas Remixes)

FaltyDL – Splat EP (h/t Big Voyage)

Quicksails – Surface (Hausu Mountain)

Jaimie Branch – Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die (​(​world war​)​) (Intl Anthem) (via gordoid)

tarotplane – Murmuration / The A side features perhaps one of my most composed outings since Horizontology, while the B side is maybe my most “kosmische” side ever

Jeff Tobias – Music from Milky Way Underground / Super spacey jazz, cosmic – Island House Recordings

Indianna Hale – Yesterday’s Glitter (Perpetual Doom)

Autumna – Ghosts (Frosti) – just 1(!) copy left

Temp-Illusion – Failsafe (PTP)

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society – Dynamic Maximum Tension (Nonesuch) / New one from @darcyjamesargue – played through disc one and my wife liked it too! It may be a hit – russjazz

Tiger Village – Cat Chew (Hausu Mountain) / Stream “Cat Chew” to turn your existence into a bubbling goo as the puzzle pieces of reality unattach

Jeremiah Chiu – In Electric Time (International Anthem) / On June 29th, 2023, 𝗝𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗮𝗵 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝘂 walked into the Vintage Synthesizer Museum (VSM) in Highland Park, Los Angeles, with no plan more specific than …

Ben Winter – Victims of the Ether (Woodford Halse)

Cougars – COUGS (Expert Work) / Just got my tape. Looking to pass along the digital copy. First come, first servedthis machine is learning

Simon McCorry – I the Storm / Trailer for ‘I the Storm’ by Simon McCorry, four beatless compositions of varying length based around asynchronous live looping with the celloMatthew Duffield

Tengger – Eunhasu / New TENNGER track if that’s a need for you. Seems likely for a few of youB. Brillo

Oneohtrix Point Never – A Barely Lit Path (Warp) (via this machine is learning)

Sulk Rooms – Transmissions : Live At Windy Hill / SR is Thomas Ragsdale

Natalia Beylis – Mermaids (Touch Sensitive) (via Christopher Whitby)

VA – Heiladans 8 (Moatun 7) (via A Remote View / FRBH)

VA – El Teatro Esta Cerrado (The Theater is Closed) (Dead Currencies)

Listening Recommendations

Deadly Avenger – Ghost X Ghost (uSuper! Records) / Super scuzzy #electro #hiphop beats with a dark #80s #soundtrack vibeDavid Soulscorch

Scorn – Sunstroke / One of the greatest ambient tracks of the ’90s was made by two guys from Napalm Death – Dave Segal

The Implicit Order – Against Sleep And Nightmare

TWGX – Separate Slowly (via David Soulscorch)

Espers – II (Drag City) / Stunning –  Dillon

Urges – Look Away, Gone (Start-Track) / Darkwave / post-punk / shoegaze

Windy & Carl – The Eternal Struggle (h/t Solilians)

Brian McBride – The Effective Disconnect / This album’s been on my mind for 13 years. Rest well BM.Geographic North

Ringfinger – Decimal / Featuring members of Cave In, OMG, Denali, Film School, Oneida, Jessamine, Dalek, and Engine DownCourtesy Desk

Oropendola – Waiting for the Sky to Speak (Spirit House Records / Wilbur & Moore Records) / This is one of my go to morning albums lately

Prairiewolf – S/T / Thrilled to be distributing this incredible slice of Rocky Mountain Kosmiche from Colorado’s Prairiewolf. Honestly one of the records of the year. Drum machines, synths, lap steel and pulsing bass lifting off to the real Rocky Mountain HighWorried Songs

Alva ‘Reggie’ Lewis – Suicide (Hang My Head & Cry) (Pressure Sounds) / New favorite subgenre: emotional blackmail rocksteadyJames Toth

Air Miami – World Cup Fever (via Sean Walters)

Peter King – Watusi / Nigerian Afrobeat multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Peter King has died at age 84. His seminal 1974 Shango LP mixed JB-style funk, Nigerian high life horn arrangements and political chants & messages – “Watusi” was the closing cut from itSean Walters

Felbm – cycli infini (Soundway Records) / I have been behind in my listening in the past 2 months, but this will definitely be one of my faves of the year. A beautiful continuously evolving single track. I’m not an ECM guy but i feel like this would appeal to those of you who areTarotplane


Lily E. Hirsch – Can’t Stop the Grrrls / Reading Lily E. Hirsch’s Can’t Stop the Grrrls, a damning indictment of the media’s treatment of female musicians. There’s a running theme of mental instability being considered creative genius for men while women are mocked and sexualized, e.g., Britney Spears & Sinéad O’ConnorAndy Mascola

Brian McBride: the Stars of the Lid musician who lit up the ambient firmament (via Dillon)

My 50 Favorite Guitar Solos (via Alfred Soto / Humanizing the Vacuum)

Kathy Acker – Empire Senseless (via Comeawaywithemd)


Few copies of Koppen by Whettman Chelmets left in the vaults.


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