Discography Stream – Space Mountain
Discography Stream – Space Mountain

Discography Stream – Space Mountain

Why can’t my dad make music this real?

Despite the name, Space Mountain is not a stoner rock band – nor does the space in the title refers heavy use of electronics.
Space Mountain - Gargantua
Cole Kinsler, the sole man behind the project, refers to his music as “dad rock”, but if Big Brains – the opener on his upcoming LP Gargantua – is any indication we’re talking about a dad who grew up on a steady diet of bands like Dinosaur Jr and Replacements.
Not that it sounds directly like any of the two, but the whole lo-fi/slacker vibe coming from songs on the Gargantua makes me think of a lazy summer afternoon and someone who’s forced to stay indoors and play guitar while secretly dreaming of doing anything but that.
Big Brains follow-up Andromeda serves even more of the same slacker-ish/lazy summer afternoon vibe with its whistling and deadpan vocals:

Gargantua predecessor – 2014 Wilderness Explorer EP – kicks off with Love Song that sounds like it could’ve been a leftover/b-side from one of Beck’s albums:

And the title track off of SMs debut Ferry Lane makes the entire argument for Dino Jr / Replacements influence a bit stronger – there’s title track that starts out as being very subdued but kicks it all up a notch by the second minute with distorted guitars and vocals bleeding into one hot mess:

The vast amount of influences displayed on those two LPs (and one EP) makes me think that this kind of dad rock is the one that one would rarely encounter on any radio station or TV channel – the inventive one.
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