Demolished Thoughts – The Reviews Are In!
Demolished Thoughts – The Reviews Are In!

Demolished Thoughts – The Reviews Are In!

A collection of reviews for brand new studio album from Sonic Youth guitarist/madman Thurston Moore.

For all of his eccentricities and insane musical past (playing a guitar with a screwdriver? hammering nails into piano keys? teaching noise music to eight-to-12-year-olds?) Thurston Moore is, as odd as it might sound, in many ways a known quantity. He consistently offers insane, intense, interesting new wrinkles on a handful of different themes, but he’s not going to bust out an R&B opera anytime soon. (Please, please don’t assume any part of me hopes that changes.) So, an acoustic album is as close to left field for the legendary Sonic Youth frontman as we’re bound to see. It is for that reason that Demolished Thoughts feels like a rare beast, one bursting at the seams with ideas and energy.
Two big names seem to be circling this album, one directly, and the other indirectly. Beck sat in as producer for this record, making the Sea Changecomparisons/connections inevitable. Simultaneously, longtime collaborator/friend/Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis recently released a solo acoustic record, and the two have an aggressive punk side project under the name Demolished Thoughts. But to assume that any single influence or inspiration propelled this would likely be a mistake. No matter how willing to collaborate or experiment he is, Moore is a singular, powerful voice, and any record he releases will indelibly be his.
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