Boston Not LA – Update #3 + Sneak Peek
Boston Not LA – Update #3 + Sneak Peek

Boston Not LA – Update #3 + Sneak Peek

As you may or may not know, a digital compilation of music from Boston bands is being assembled right at this very moment!

Fall is here and its time for another compilation! This one is going to be dedicated only to local/Boston/Mass. bands. If you/your band/label are from Boston, Cambridge, Allston or Mass. for that matter, you should take note of this:

I’m currently accepting submissions for a compilation of local bands and here are the rules:

Genres: Post-rock, post-punk, shoegaze, noise, experimental, metal, hardcore, ambient, indie

Deadline: November 1st

Preferred File Formats: mp3, wav, flac, ogg

Submit your track to:

If you’re a visual artist or you’d like to contribute artwork – you’re more than welcome to!

Track itself could be a new or an existing one (i.e. – if you want to lend me a track that already appeared elsewhere, that’s perfectly fine).

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So, far, confirmed bands/performers include

Aeon Vespertine | Concord Ballet Orchestra Players | Ghost Box Orchestra | Koala | Lion Cub | Night Fruit | Skyjelly | Craig Robertson | Soccer Mom | The Art Of Attraction | Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys


Jenova 7 | WhiteShoeBrownShoe | Wring | The Televangelist And The Architect | Zip-Tie Handcuffs

Also –  check out a sneak peek of the compilation here

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