Boston Events – Homegrown II: Boston's Underground Music Fest
Boston Events – Homegrown II: Boston's Underground Music Fest

Boston Events – Homegrown II: Boston's Underground Music Fest

Second installment of “a festival dedicated to the weirder sounds of the great Northeast”. It will take place between October 15 and 17 at The Temple (Jamaica Plain, MA). In the words of organizer Dan Shea:

Homegrown began in 2009 as a festival dedicated to the weirder sounds of the great Northeast. Over 40 bands came together in July of ’09 to create a racket that is still being felt to this day. Homegrown II, set for lift-off on October 15, is bringing together over 60 bands from the Northeast and far beyond to create an even bigger clamor, an even larger splash, an even odder sound. The whales in that there Atlantic Ocean will not know what to do with themselves. They are however invited to attend, and perform, if the logistics can be worked out.
The Temple Sound and Stage, located in Boston’s center for underground musical activity, Jamaica Plain, is the PLACE. Bodies of Water shows, deep into their 10th year of bringing Greater Boston the weird and wonderful (and on the prowl for a space of its own) is the PRESENTER. Wild garage rock, droned out bliss, electronic beat of the world, crushing Sabbath-isms, UGLY rock, Beefheartian guitar wizardry, funk from lands beyond, cosmic pop from the opposite, and the dreams of music made for dreaming will all be part of THE THING.
Boston is full of beautiful artists and music makers. This is a weekend to celebrate the most interesting and unique facets of the larger Greater Boston area musical community. Records will be for sale! Record labels will be represented! People will be selling all kinds of home made style goods! A good time will be had by all.
Tell the college kids that school work is out the window for this weekend. Come together and celebrate what it really is, and leave behind the mundane skin that your mother put you in. This is Boston’s underground music festival. It is called Homegrown II. It’s like the festival that would happen if someone was actually paying attention to what was SIMPLY AWESOME and INTERESTING and that was it. This is that.

2010 Line-Up

Friday, Oct. 15 (7 p.m. to 1 a.m.): Major Stars, Damon and Naomi, December Sound, Marissa Nadler, Black Pyramid, Bobb Trimble and His Flying Spiders, Life Partners, Eli Kesler, Larkin Grimm (NYC) and Mind Yeti.
Saturday, Oct. 16 (noon to 1 a.m.): Drug Rug, Tunnel of Love, Jeff the Brotherhood (TN), Truman Peyote, Parts and Labor (NYC), Jesse Gallagher (of Apollo Sunshine), Home Blitz (NYC), Colin Langenus Orchestra (ex-USAISAMONSTER, NYC), Bird Names (Chicago), Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ski Mask, People of the North (Oneida side project, NYC), Reports, CSC Funk Band (NYC), Invisible Circle (NYC), Fat History Month.
Sunday, Oct. 17 (noon to 11 p.m.): BBQ (Mark Sultan, of King Khan and BBQ, Montreal), Ty Segall (San Francisco), Needy Visions, Lord Jeff, Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores (Providence), Hands and Knees, Many Mansions, The Men (NYC), Bezoar (NYC), Turbo Fruits (TN), Pujol (TN), Duck That, Double Awake.
Further Info: Bandcamp | | The Phoenix | | Bodies Of Water Arts & Crafts | WTBU

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