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Along with artists birthdays (Neil Young and Bjork celebrating their 70s and 50s, respectively) this November also marked anniversaries of release for two records that became blueprints for generations of alternative/noise rock/noise bands. We’re talking My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless (whose recording nearly bankrupted Creation Records) and Jesus & Mary Chain’s Psychocandy.
Here’s Sputnikmusic sounding off on latter:

At the time of Psychocandy’s release, “shoegaze” was an obscure, or even non-existent, genre to any serious music fan at that time. However, seven years after Psychocandy’s release, My Bloody Valentine released the legendary mind***k that is Loveless. Despite its simplicity, every indie rock artist who took notice of Loveless, were perplexed by its wall-of-sound landscape has since been unanimously embraced and endlessly imitated for many years to come.

Where there’s album release anniversary, there must be a tribute album and neither record disappoints – Isn’t Anything was covered in its entirety by both Korean and Japanese artists (including Boris and Shonen Knife), while Psychocandy got new age treatment via Brazilia’s The Blog That Celebrates Itself.

Over to you – which one of those tributes is your favorite? Leave comments below.

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