Band Profile – A Place To Bury Strangers
Band Profile – A Place To Bury Strangers

Band Profile – A Place To Bury Strangers


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Formed out of the ashes of another band called Skywave, APTBS is a  Brooklyn, NY trio of Oliver Ackermann, Jay Space and Jono Mofo that explores the connection between pop melody, white noise, volume and feedback.

The band started out by releasing a series of CDrs, including 2004 “Never Going Down” and 2006 “Breathe” and “Missing You”.  Much of their early material reappeared on vinyl box set, which came out on Vacancy Records in 2008. Some of the band’s singles also included early material and came out on such labels as Rocket Girl and Meal Deal.

S/T – 20007

So far, the band’s only full-length is 2007 self-titled album, which was released by Killer Pimp label. All Music Guide commented that “from the opening blast of overdriven guitars and hyperkinetic drums it’s apparent A Place to Bury Strangers, self-described “loudest band in New York,” want to pummel you into submission with their unique take on white noise-derived guitar splendor, but then a hypnotic single-string riff takes over to briefly deliver a respite from the assault, recalling the classic era of shoegaze.”

Pitchfork commented on the album – “Compiling mastered versions of the band’s early CD-Rs and mp3s, A Place to Bury Strangers’ self-titled debut LP sets tinnitus-inducing noise-pop against a tension-wracked Joy Division-meets-Ministry backdrop. Plenty of bands have tapped the trebly, ecstatic side of shoegaze in recent years, but none have imbued it with this band’s frustrated aggression or lacerating feedback.”

Exploding Head - 2009
Exploding Head – 2009

As of 2009, the band is signed to Mute Records and their next full-length called “Exploding Head” is set to be released in October. The band is also going through a European tour and they’re going to perform at various festivals, including La Route Du Rock (France), Pukkelpop (Blegium) and Leeds Festival in UK.

Outside of his work with the band, guitarist/vocalist Oliver Ackermann also runs the effects pedal company called Death By Audio, which has provided custom effects equipment to the likes of U2, Wilco, My Blood Valentine and Lightning Bolt.

Band Members:

Jay Space

Jono Mofo

Oliver Ackermann (Skywave)


Never Going Down Cdr (Self-Released, 2004)

Breathe CDr / 7″ (Self-Released, 2006 / Vacancy, 2008)

Missing You CDr / CD / 7″ (Self-Released, 2006 / Rocket Girl, 2009)

A Place To Bury Strangers CD / LP (Killer Pimp, 2007 / Important, 2007 / Rocket Girl, 2008)

I Know I’ll See You 7″ (Vacancy, 2008)

The Box Set 3×7″ (Vacancy, 2008)

To Fix The Gash In Your Head / Ocean CD / CDr / 10″ (Meal Deal, 2008 / Rocket Girl, 2009)

Compilation Tracks:

“Get On” on Brainwaves 2008 (Brainwashed, 2008)

“To Fix The Gash In Your Head” on CD Side 49 (D-Side Magazine, 2008)

“I Know I’ll See You” on Elegy Sampler 56 (Elegy Magazine, 2008)

“To Fix The Gash In Your Head” on Lights In The Sky: Over North America 2008 Tour Sampler (Null Corporation, 2008)

“Sunbeam” on Peace (For Mom) (Brainwashed, 2008)

“Never Going Down” on The Green Owl Compilation: A Benefit For The Energy Action Coalition (Green Owl, 2008)

“The Problem” on Dots To Connect: The Music Of The Prids (Five03, 2009)

“Run Around” on Mind The Gap, Vol. 78 (Gonzo Circus Magazine, 2009)

“I Know I’ll See You” on Motel Mozaique 2009 Sampler (Self-Released, 2009)


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