Band Bios // Young Widows
Band Bios // Young Widows

Band Bios // Young Widows

Young Widows Band

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The halls of nu-pigfuck are beset with obstacles, and it might be only these three penitent men who pass. – Pitchfork

There are more than a few pilgrims to the jizz-soaked shrine to The Jesus Lizard, the obsidian monolith of The Melvins, and the crumbling temple of Girls Against Boys. – Brainwashed

Continuing down the path laid by the likes of Shellac, Jesus Lizard and Melvins, Louisville, KY trio Young Widows (with their genre described as “nu-pigfuck” by Pitchfork) blasts their way through listeners stereos and delivers an impressive aural mayhem both on record and onstage.

The band was formed after thelead singer of another Louisville act, Breather Resist, left the band. Afterwards, the remaining members of BR decided to go on as a trio and what was initially planned as a second BR album turned into something else completely. The band decided to rename themselves, change their sound and create a new identity for themselves.

Young Widows first release – 2006 “Settle Down City” – came out on Jade Tree label. In their review of the album, AMG concluded that “the emotionally charged sonic attack of Young Widows is as unsettling as it is compelling.”, while Pitchfork called it “a worthy entry to an undermined corner of the underground.”

For their next album, 2008 “Old Wounds”, the band replaced drummer Geoff Patton with Jeremy McMonigle and they also switched labels – from Jade Tree to Temporary Residence Limited. In their review of the album, Tiny Mixtapes website pronounced that “Old Wounds is definitely not an album for everyone, but for someone who wants both a taste of heavy rock and is sick of Mastodon being one of the only “indie-acceptable” metal bands to listen to”.

Brainwashed review of the album concluded that “With a noise rock resurgence of refurbished pioneers and teeth grinding youngbloods coming down the pike, Young Widows assertively assume dominant roles in the unexpected revival, reeking of promises to bring down as many lazy, cross-armed bloggers along the way.”

In 2009, the band produced a number of splits with fellow bands like Pelican and Melt Banana, all 0f which were released through Temporary Residence Limited.  In addition to Young Widows, band members were involved with a side project called Brain Banger which released Yellow Belly LP on Hawthorne Street label in 2007.

Band Members:

Evan Patterson (Black Cross, Breather Resist)

Jeremy McMonigle

Nick Thieneman (Breather Resist)

Former Members:

Geoff Paton (Breather Resist)


Young Widows / Coliseum Split 7″ (Relapse, 2006)

Settle Down City CD (Jade Tree, 2006)

Old Wounds CD / LP (Temporary Residence Limited, 2008)

Young Widows / Bonnie Prince “Billie” Split 7″ (Temporary Residence Limited, 2009)

Young Widows / Melt Banana 7″ (Temporary Residence Limited, 2009)

Young Widows / Pelican 7″ (Temporary Residence Limited, 2009)

Young Widows / My Disco 7″ (Temporary Residence Limited, 2009)

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