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[nextpage title=”Biography” ] Controversially named Rapeman was an extremely short-lived band formed in the late 80s by Steve Albini’s after the break-up of Big Black. Their name was based on a character from Japanese comic book that Albini once came across and band was often a target of protesters who claimed that the band glorified rape/violence against women. In England, their show was nearly canceled because of a proposed boycott.The resulting controversy, however, also resulted in bigger audiences for the band.
r-399498-1108241376Rapeman lyrics were peppered with inside jokes – “Kim Gordon Panties” was named after the fact that band members decided that it sounds like a song that Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth could come up with and also the fact that Albini had actually seen Gordon throwing panties into the audience at a couple of shows. Inki’s Butt Crack from their final single was a variation on one of Mendehlsonn’s overtures and the song was credited to John Spencer, Thurston Moore and J. Mascis, who, of course, were not real members of the band.
Other members of Rapeman included David Wm. Sims (Big Boys, Scratch Acid, Dijits) and Rey Washam (Scratch Acid, Jesus Lizard). After releasing an EP (named after Budd Dwyer, an American politician who committed suicide in front of video cameras), 2 singles and one full-length, the band dissolved in 1989 due to personal conflicts (and not due to rumored dispute over the name), with Albini forming Shellac, David Wm. Sims joining Jesus Lizard and Rey Washam joining Ministry.
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Archives  Band Profile – Deerhoof
Budd 12″ (Touch And Go, 1988 / Blast First, 1988 / Torso, 1988)
Hated Chinee / Marmoset 7″ (Touch And Go, 1988 / Blast First, 1988)
Two Nuns And A Pack Mule LP / CD (Touch And Go, 1988 / Torso, 1988 / Blast First, 1988)
Inki’s Butt Crack / Song Number One 7″ (Sub Pop, 1989)
Compilation Tracks:
Dutch Courage” on Nothing Short Of Total War Pt.1 (LP version) (Blast First, 1989 / Torso, 1989)
Bud(d)” on Indie Top 20 Volume V| – Pride Of The Independents (Beechwood Music, 1989)
Dutch Courage” + “Just Got Paid Today” on Nothing Short Of Total War Pt.1 (CD version) (Blast First, 1989)

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