Band Profile – Maeror Tri
Band Profile – Maeror Tri

Band Profile – Maeror Tri


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Crawling out of the fertile 80s tape scene, Germany’s Maeror Tri accomplished quite a few things during their run – while they never became a mainstream act, they toured and recorded for almost a decade and many of their original cassette releases got a digital treatment with much of their material still being reissued even though the band is long gone.
Musically, they pioneered a curious sub-genre of electronic music, where the sound  of live instruments was treated to the point where it became unrecognizable and mixed with electronic effects, it was producing all kinds of soundscapes – from harsh and noisy to serene and surreal ones. Some of the similar musical ground was covered by such bands/projects as Zoviet France, Final and Mandible Chatter.
The band was formed in the late 80s as a trio of Stefan “Baraka H’ Knappe, Martin “GLIT[s]CH” Git and Helge Siehl. In 1987, they produced few cassette-only releases on their own label Baracken Records under the name Screaming Corpses, but then reverted to their original name.
r-519578-1126865864Throughout the rest of the 80s and the next decade, they produced numerous tapes, 7″ records, videos, CDs and compilation tracks, including 1993 “Multiple Personality Disorder” (Korm Plastics), 1994 “Medimamentum” (which came out on Holonom / Raum 312 label and later was reissued by Manifold Records) and 1995 “Myein” (N D). Much like Zoviet-France, they also had a penchant for an elaborate packaging and, as a result, many of their records are unique not only for music, but for artwork and some of the more unusual materials that came with each record.
Despite being extremely prolific during their time together, MT’s music was discovered mostly through digital reissues of their older material via such labels as Old Europa Cafe, Beta-Lactam Ring Records, EE Tapes, Tantric Harmonies and Waystyx.
After the band dissolution, two members (Stefan and Martin) started Troum, while Helge Siehl started a solo project Tausendschoen (alternatively known as 1000schoen) and he’s also a member of noise/experimental duo Föten Mit Flöten.
In addition to his music projects, Stefan Knappe also runs Drone Records, a label almost exlusively dedicated to releasing 7″ records. So far, the label produced material by the likes of Aube, S-Core, Inade, Small Cruel Party, Big City Orchestra and many others.
Dedicated To A New Dawn Cass (Baracken Records, 1988)
Perception Kills Cass (Baracken Records, 1988)
Peak Experience Cass / CDr (Harsh Reality Music, 1989 / Bestattunginstitut, 1990 / Blade + AFE, 2005)
Somnia Et Expergisci (Split with Nostalgie Eternelle) Cass (IRRE Tapes, 1990)
Ambient Dreams Cass (ZNS Tapes, 1990) (download)
Fragilitas Cass (Drone Records, 1991)
Sensuum Mendacia Cass / CDr (Direction Music, 1991 / L White Records, 2005)
Subliminal Forces Cass (Tonspur Tapes, 1991)
Hypnobasia Cass (Old Europa Cafe, 1992)
Venenum Cass / CDr (Audiofile Tape, 1992 / Üne, 1999)
Timeless Transcension VHS (1000schoen, 1992)
Multiple Personality Disorder CD (Korm Plastics, 1993)
Saltatrix 7″ (Drone Records, 1993)
Yearning For The Secret Of Nature Cass / CDr (Fools Paradise, 1993 / (EE Tapes, 2001)
Mind Reversal Cass (Hithlahabuth, 1993 / Blade, 2000)
Archaic States Cass (G.R.O.S.S., 1993)
Ultimate Time MC Cass (Old Europa Cafe, 1994 / SPH, 1994)
Meditamentum CD (Holonom, 1994 / Manifold, 2005)
Physis 7″ (Fools Paradise, 1995)
Myein CD (ND, 1995 / Waystyx, 2005)
Mystagogus 7″ (Noise Museum, 1995)
Ambiguitas Cass (Lebensraum/N&B, 1995)
Exorbitant 7″ (Ant-Zen, 1996)
The Beauty Of Sadness Cass / CD (Direction Music, 1996 / Tantric Harmonies, 2005)
Language Of Flames And Sound CD (Old Europa Cafe, 1996 / 2008)
Mort Aux Vaches CD (Staalplaat, 1997)
Emotional Engramm CD (Iris Light, 1997)
Pleroma / Altrove Pic-10″ (Ant-Zen, 1998)
Hypnotikum I LP (Soleilmoon, 1998)
Simulationswelten (with Telepherique) 7″ (Rendezvous Radikal, 1998)
Meditamentum II CD (Manifold Records, 1999)
Hypnotikum II LP (Poeta Negra/Absurd, 1999)
Ave 10″ (Obuh, 2000)
Forazeihan/Broken Books and Wings (Split with Crawl Unit) Pic-7″ (The Disaster Area, 2000)
Hypnobasia/Ultimate Time 2CDr (Old Europa Cafe, 2005)
The Singles (EE Tapes, 2005)
MP3: Ecstatic Singing





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