And the Award for Best Tape Label Goes to….
And the Award for Best Tape Label Goes to….

And the Award for Best Tape Label Goes to….

Its no secret that things were particularly bleak for Grammys this year – low ratings and accusations of being out-of-touch embarrassment included. While its highly unlikely that there will be a Grammy for tape/cassette labels, we decided to let our followers/readers take the reigns and speak up on the idea of “what if” / give us their nominee.
Below is a recap of the resulting Twitter thread
Forged Artifacts (nominated by Filip from Z Tapes)
Illuminated Paths (nominated by Chris Melkus)
Spun Out of Control (nominated by Jeff Oates)
Contemporary Tapes (nominated by Palm Spring)
DMT Tapes (nominated by Matt Mathers)
Already Dead Tapes (nominated by Darko the Super)
Moon Glyph (nominated by Kirk Rawlings)
Our own nominees are Doom Trip Records (LA) and Eggs in Aspic (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK). Its hard to pick just one of those fine record labels especially in conjunction with equally fine recent releases by both (起き上がり by Mukqs and Nice Enough to Beat compilation, respectively).
Last, but not least there are few tongue in cheek nominations from Become Eternal (a fine label in itself) and Diamond Deposits (a fine blog and a good friend of IHN).

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