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Amphetamine reptile

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Amphetamine Reptile (AmRep for short) is a Minneapolis label that was started in 1986 by Tom Hazelmeyer. Since then, it produced countless records by the likes of Boss Hog, Melvins, Hammerhead, Janitor Joe and many others (not counting compilations of all kinds).

Along with the likes of SST, Touch & Go and Sub Pop, the label was responsible for putting out some of the most interesting records of its day. While its still active, Amphetamine Reptile was fairly quiet since the late 90s, but its story still deserves to be told.

In those next few weeks, we’re going to make an excursion into the history of AmRep, its bands and everything that made the label what it is today.  So get your seatbelts on and hop along for the ride!

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