Album Highlight – Wiseblood – Dirtdish (1987)
Album Highlight – Wiseblood – Dirtdish (1987)

Album Highlight – Wiseblood – Dirtdish (1987)

Wiseblood was a collaboration between Clint Ruin / Foetus / JG Thirlwell and Roli Mosimann (Swans) – “violent macho American [music] made by non-Americans”. “Dirtdish” is the only full-length that the band produced.
CMJ commented on the album

Clint Ruin, the king of deathly orchestration, the man whose music dives into the deepest reaches of the condemned soul, the composer whose arrangements play pied piper to the dark side, once again teams up  with the dark industrial trudge of long-time contemporary Roli Mosimann (Swans).
Dirtdish radiates a good deal more emotional force than some of Ruin’s more recent Foetus works. The songs all build on heavy, intense tribal percussion overlayed with bits of whiney distorted guitar (leads courtesy Robert Quine on “Prime Gonzola” and “Someone Drowned In My Pool”), occasional violin and Ruin’s characteristic vocal style. Dirtdish is full of Satanic religious fervor (indulge yourself with “0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)” and “Godbrain”) that builds in an intense layered fashion that only a duo like this could pull off.

Aside from “Dirtdish”, the band also recorded a string of singles in the 80s (“Motorslug” and “Stumbo“) and 90s (“PTTM“).  “O-O (Where Evil Dwells)” from “Dirtdish” was later covered by Fear Factory – it appears on their 1998 album “Obsolete“.
Prime Gonzola (Sample)
O-O (Where Evil Dwells) (MP3)
Stumbo (Sample)
Godbrain (Sample)
The Fudge Punch (Sample)
Extra Tracks
Motorslug (Sample) – from “Motorslug” single
Stumbo (12″ Version) (Sample) – from “Stumbo” single
Death Rape 2000 (Sample) – from “Motorslug” single
Someone Drowned In My Pool (Sample) – Thirsty Ear 1995 reissue only. Also appeared on “Stumbo” single.
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