2021 in Review // Notable Releases by Ivo Petrov (Mahorka) (Pt. 1)
2021 in Review // Notable Releases by Ivo Petrov (Mahorka) (Pt. 1)

2021 in Review // Notable Releases by Ivo Petrov (Mahorka) (Pt. 1)

Ivo Petrov Mahorka

Mahorka (Bulgaria) is one of the pioneers on the netlabel scene and one of the very few that stayed around, kept going through the years of the boom of netlabels and after that, through the rise of different platforms that allow the direct publishing and presenting of releases, with which few of the sea of netlabels made it – the ones that have become sort of institutions in their respective fields and only a few new ones (netlabels) surfaced – Netlabel Day

Atli Örvarsson – Wolka [I N N I]
Owl – Infinite Horizon [Silent Season]
Maps and Diagrams – Gauze [Handstitched]
Lord Jalapeños – Chaos Theory [Specimen Records]
Aries Death Cult – GAEA [GodHatesGod Records]
Demetrio Cecchitelli – Dwell [Dornwald Records]
Haarvöl – On Remote Places (Suite For The Ends of The World)
Taylor Deupree – Mur [dauw]
Lighght – Holy Endings [Doom Trip Records]
Arovane – Reihen [12k]
Tim Koch – Tourbillon [Central Processing Unit]
cEvin Key – Resonance [Artoffact Records]
anthéne – away from your shadow [Home Normal]
Johan Fotmeijer – Spa Music for the Socially Depraved [Purlieu Recordings]
Jeff Gburek + George Christian – Thrown Extremes [Ulka Pind Records]
Kristen Roos – Universal Synthesizer Interface Vol I [Hotham Sound Recordings]
Orla Wren – The Blind Deaf Stone [Time Released Sound]
Francisco Sonur – Morning Trials [Time Released Sound]
BedouinDrone + Abu Ama – Da’il Ayyaam دع الأيام [self-released]
The Random Midi Quartet – 33170 [Ghost City Collective]
Survey Channel – Silent Graphs [Music is the Devil]


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