2021 in Review // Favorite Albums of Matt DeMello (Pt. 4)
2021 in Review // Favorite Albums of Matt DeMello (Pt. 4)

2021 in Review // Favorite Albums of Matt DeMello (Pt. 4)

Photo by Jeannete D Moses

An inner-ear drum secret filmmaker since 2002. Everyone’s welcome! Survivors rewarded…

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Albums 77-100

Polypores – Gargantuan (Frequency Domain)
Ryley Walker – Course in Fable (Husky Pants)
The Owl – #54 – The Procession
Nichi Mlebom – S/T (Korobushka Records)
Turnstile – GLOW ON (Roadrunner)
Halogen Star – Sweet Sickle Moon (Vivarium Recordings)
mesita – building for a better future
Incentive – S/T (Submarine Broadcasting Company)
ivy z – under a red moon (Z Tapes)
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind (Asthmatic Kitty)
CARB CAP – Mind Body Transparent
Uncle Woe – Don’t Look Down
SkyTwoHigh – New World of Love (OasisLtd.)
Tasha – Tell Me What You Miss The Most (Father/Daughter Records)
BREEZY SUPREME – Bad Decisions
Lil Tony & DJ Drop – Flight 214:No Destination
Belial Pelegrim – The Unsettled Dust (Triplicate Records)
Yu Takimoto – Camel (TMRRW REC)
Meta – Xalaxia (First Class Collective)
Melissa Brooks – Bratitude
Prince The King – I Need Beats 2
Dynatron – Origins (Blood Music)
Shea Betts – Still Life

Honorable Mentions

Cloud Nothings – The Shadow I Remember (Carpark Records)
Blunt Prophet – Designer Communism, Vol. 2
Mt. Feral – The Divine Mundane (Effortless Crush)
Hollywood Burns – The Age of the Saucers (Blood Music)
if i die in mississippi – before i leave (Z Tapes)
Megadead – Authentic Country Music
The Mountain King – The Smell of Stars and Vomit Part 2 (Cursed Monk Records)
Mo Troper – Revolver
Monobody – Comma (Sooper Records)
Noex Beats – Viper Room 93
Becky Krill – Little Girl
Modest Mouse – The Golden Casket
Kanye West – Donda (Mixtape)
Sunplus – Clear Muted Sine Recovery (Submarine Broadcasting Company)
GenerationXMusic – Midnight Lover
R&B Massacre 9 – DJ Young Steff


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