2020 in Review // Favorite Singles/EPs of Dead Man Radio
2020 in Review // Favorite Singles/EPs of Dead Man Radio

2020 in Review // Favorite Singles/EPs of Dead Man Radio

Turn Me On Dead Man Podcast The Best of 2020

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About this time a year ago I started doing the Turn Me On, Dead Man podcast on Mixcloud, focusing on recent garage/psychedelic releases . I did 20 podcasts throughout the year and last night I posted a compilation of some of my fave tracks, The Best of 2020. Here are the singles and EPs I listened to the most

Spiral Wave Nomads – Ten Color Ritual (Tape Drift Records)

We are thrilled to be once again teaming up with Feeding Tube Records to release the sophomore effort from Spiral Wave Nomads, a project featuring Albany’s Eric Hardiman (Burnt Hills/Rambutan/Century Plants/Sky Furrows/Chalaque/Tape Drift Recs) and Twin Lakes co-founder Michael Kiefer (More Klementines/Rivener/Drifting North). – Twin Lakes Records

Kikagaku Moyo – Gypsy Davey (Sub Pop)

Originally a Scottish border ballad, “Gypsy Davey” was arranged and popularized by Sandy Denny’s band, Fotheringay in 1970. With roots dating back hundreds of years, it tells the tale of a lavished, rich woman running away with the attractive, enticing gypsies.

The enchanting folk voice you hear leading vocals on “Gypsy Davey” is that of musician, photographer and community organizer from East London, Kandice Holmes (aka Bells). – Earmilk

Comacozer – Here and Beyond split LP (Psychedelic Salad Records)

Preorders are up now for Here and Beyond, the new split LP between Sydney, Australia’s Comacozer and Mexico City, Mexico’s Vinnum Sabbathi. Issuing through Tasmanian imprint Psychedelic Salad Records, the release carries just three tracks, comprising Comacozer‘s sprawling 19-minute “Sun of Hyperion” and two companion pieces from Vinnum Sabbathi on side B, “HEX IV: Cassini’s Last Breath” (6:50) and “HEX V: X-15 Research Project” (9:55). If the pairing seems odd on paper given the disparate geography, in context it’s not actually much of a surprise the bands would be aware of each other, considering the international nature of the underground, social media, and bands being listeners as well as creators in a noted style. – The Obelisk

Tuluum Shimmering – Eight Miles High (Tuluum Shimmering Records)

The ninth entry in the Tuluum Shimmering Records free download requests/covers series. This one was requested by Nick.

Melody Fields – Broken Horse EP ( Sound Effect Records / Coop Records)

I sincerely like the rippling melodic music of Melody Fields, yet in the same breath they’ve forever seemed have trouble finding their footing, where I draw but one or two good songs from each of their outings, building a compilation of lazy hypnotic music that rides most comfortably in my back pocket. That said, I imagine that most people will not be as particular as me, willing to embrace and be raptured by all this very atmospheric psychedelic band has to offer. – It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Strange Motel – Strange Motel EP (Sexy Romance)

Communicant – She Moves The Sky (Hypnotic Bridge Records)

Bridging the gap between ’60s psychedelia and modern indie rock, Los Angeles-based psychedelic rock group Communicant is the brainchild of songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gardner. An Illinois native, Gardner brings a love of glorious, mind-expanding songcraft and recording techniques to his kaleidoscopic compositions and arrangements. – Shiny Beast

Narrowleaf – Impossible Colors (Self Released)

Doug Tuttle – Bruised and Bothered (Self Released)

Die letzte LP von Doug Tuttle, „Dream Road„, war 2019 erschienen. Seitdem gab es eine neue Single, zu der sich nun eine weitere gesellt. „Bruised & Bothered“ heißt der Song.

Wir erhalten wunderbaren, gefühlvollen Psych Folk. Ein Song, in den man sich gut eingraben kann. – Reverb is for Lovers

Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Columbia)

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