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I always like to set very specific parameters for my mixes, so for this one I chose 9 of my favorite songs that were all released last year and available on Bandcamp.

Billy Anderson – Ain’t No Way

Immaculate Misconception Vol. I

One of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters, Billy Anderson knocks it out of the park consistently on every track. This is a truly great compilation that will get stuck in your head.

Gary Wilson – Gary Lives In The Twilight Zone (Cleopatra Records)


The brand new album from the twisted mind of weird music pioneer Gary Wilson!

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to experience the oddly romantic, broken soul yearnings that inflect every note of Wilson’s ouvre!

Slanger – Meant to Be (Subsubmarine)

Next Steps (2020)

Slanger is back with a new EP “Next Steps”. 6 new songs – inspired by the past, geared for the future.

HAWAII94 – The World Won’t Wait (Subsubmarine)


Sidekick Wave – Self-Driving Car (Civic Duty Records)

Self-Driving Car

The automatic-driving Shadow of closed eyes meets the Sun of white-knuckled acceleration. Sidekick Wave returns on an excessive electric disco car trip in yet another wave of mistranslation. Windows down, reposition the layers and place yourself in an uncertain area.

Donny Benet – Moving Up

Mr Experience

After humble lo-fi beginnings in the Australian art-pop underground, Donny Benét has expanded his cult-like following across the globe with a resonant array of danceable repertoire dealing with love and affection. His next album marks a new chapter informed by a wealth of musical and personal development.

Archives  2020 in Review // Notable Albums by Ivo Petrov (Mahorka)

Enter Mr Experience, the new album from Donny Benét released Friday 22nd May via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control Records.

Alpha Chrome Yayo – Genji Waterfall

Spectral Hands

An album of ghosts. Some friendly, some… not.

From ancient forests to the end of time and beyond, Spectral Hands is a bone-rattling journey through the spirit world.

Expect stories of malignant entities, mischievous ghouls and comforting spectres. All told through dark ambient rituals, smokey jazz, rock ‘n’ roll ballads, medieval dungeon synth, chill new age grooves and more.

Diskette Park – Starry-Eyed (Coraspect)

Blurred Aspect

Tupperwave – Calm Mall (First Class Collective)


Grab your favorite drink, beach chair, a boombox and let the music absorb you.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the waves!

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