15 Years of IHN // Petridisch – A Fixed Point
15 Years of IHN // Petridisch – A Fixed Point

15 Years of IHN // Petridisch – A Fixed Point

15 years a blog, 6 years as a label – an exploration! 

The arrangements and layering are excellent, there are contrasting ambient / uptempo elements and subtle unexpected chord changes which add a great tension and often an edge to the songs. – Andrulian

There is a really nice juxtaposition between two very chilled ambient electronica tracks and two more tracks of jarring dissonance. – Iain / Ghost Signs

A cosmic symphony of sound from Boston dark-wave artist Petridisch – Diamond Deposits

This might be a rather long winded way to describe Petridisch’s ‘A Fixed Point’ when I could have said something more like “A Fixed Point’ sounds like a texturally rich and structured version of ‘Boards of Canada”. But this EP plays on this dissonant counterpoint idea so much it’s hard to ignore – Metratone

Talking about our first physical release! AFP is a 4-track EP from Thor Maillet aka Petridisch, Boston based musician and owner of Fish Prints. Physical is long sold out, but you can still get a digital download through our Bandcamp page! AFP Comes along with a video companion, which we heartily invite you to watch


Besides IHN you can find Petridisch releases on Infinite Sync, Euphonium Records and Pizza Beast (to name a few labels). His most recent release is Etudes, that came out last year on Superpolar Taips (Germany) – collaboration with guitarists Aaron Larget-Caplan and Matt DeMello.

UK musician Alan Morse Davies recorded an album of remixes for AFP entitled Ein Fixpunkt. Its name your price/pay what you want. Last, but not least, we got codes for AFP, so treat yourself!

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