Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 21-40
Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 21-40

Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 21-40

The I Want You – Guns
Killing ’em with all the great hooks

Ian Cat and the Crimsons – Don’t Find Me Now
The high quality of this art-rock brew screams “find me” (or “Google me”)

Tiki Twins – Stay Awake
Hot blast of speedy RAWK from members of Future Spa and Skyjelly


Tredicci Bacci – Give Him the Gun
Somewhere between Boston, New York and Ennio Morricone’s Italy


Sound Down Cellar – Another Flight Away
Bringing back that good 90s vibe


Wolfmen of Mars – Villain in a Black Hat
A kind of villain that deserves a movie and a soundtrack of his own


Meat Dreams – Counseling
They’re slightly off, bro (with apologies to TI) and that’s why there’s a need for counseling

Strange Passage – Lament
Bright and jangly in all the right ways


Profit Margin – You Are What You Buy
Sloppy but charming anarcho-punk


Pandemix – Second Opinion
Like some ugly mutant brother of Mission of Burma


Dust Witch – Mirage
Creepy but fascinating sci-fi drama


L’eclipse Nue – Mary, Come Down
Sweet little nightmare


Ucarly – Aminal World
A bizarre love song born in a place where deliberate typos and awkward selfies meet


Thirty Silver – Dead Skin
Fighting betrayal one tribal stomp at a time

Halfsour – Ten Year Tenure
Thrashing mad slacker pop


Sam Rog – Party Cloud
Crunchy tekno grooves from an ex-Designer


Ocular Audio Experiment – Color
Taming those colorful psychedelic waves


Model/Actriz – Heavy Breather
Neurotic and unbalanced in a highly entertaining way (not to be confused with Juan Monostereo’s similarly named post-Brainiac project)


Gay Sin – Hangin’ Around
Bob Mould dressed in drag, dancing to the Ramones


Somniferous – Smear
As colorful and elegant as artwork on the corresponding EP


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