100 Great Music Singles From Boston and New England of 2015 -71-85
100 Great Music Singles From Boston and New England of 2015 -71-85

100 Great Music Singles From Boston and New England of 2015 -71-85

71. Cokeweed – New Jive
Bar Harbor, Maine’s Coke Weed have been grinding away for a few albums now, with their caked-out fuzz-rock find them sharing bills with the likes of The Walkmen, Woods, and The Black Lips. Today we’re happy to be premiering a new track from their forthcoming fourth LP, Mary Weaver. The steady distorted chug of “New Jive” channels The Stooges and the minimal New York grunge pop of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s two minutes of crunchy, lo-fi swagger. (Flood Magazine)
72. More Space Echo – Season Finale
Mysterious Boston formation that got the funk – the otherworldly/spaced-out kind
73. Tredici Bacci – Papa Schizarre
The film only exists in legend, touted as “a brilliant italian sex romp, fraught with adventure and hilarity”, “Vai! Vai! Vai!” (1974) Directed by Elio Petri, has unfortunately been completely lost. Parts of the soundtrack, however, remain – and if it is any indicator of what the film is like, then it really was a monumental piece of film.
The soundtrack to “Vai! Vai! Vai!” has everything: Happy, sad, sexy, sultry, smooth, sensual, erotic, romantic, sexy, and most importantly, it evokes an era which we lament for having long since passed away; faded into the ether of time.
So give yourself the gift of sweet reverie in the form of a trip to an age long gone, but not forgotten.
Trust me, you deserve it.
-Fedrico Portamentito, from an article in “The Itallo File”.
74. Drug Dogs – Ready to Go
Howlin’ electric blues from the depths of Boston basements – not to confuse w/Republica hit of the same name
75. The Infamous D.E.W. – Palaces / Golden Gates 
Do yourself a favor and press play @EvillDewer back at it again representing Chelsea Mass and of course your local Scope Artist rep. May you deeply feel the vibrations this man brings. Can’t be more satisfying then “Proper Accommodations” #SayWrd (Grassroots Grind)
76. DiabloGato – Gasoline
A Boston, MA and Rhode Island rock ’n’ roll band influenced by mid-century American music – five different people, five different approaches, one unified sound. (Awesome Day Fest)
77. Horsehands – Dinner Time!
Horsehands’ latest creation, Pissing Rain, runs the sound spectrum from straight-up punk to electro-infused jams–and that’s just in the first two minutes of the EP. The vocals are reminiscent of some bizarre Bowie/Krill collaboration, which, after thinking about it for awhile, would be one hell of an idea. “Yon” was definitely my favorite of the songs–hard, fast guitarwork, complete with some pop-punk palm mutes and a bridge that seems to take off into the stratosphere before abruptly grabbing you by the collar and yanking you back into the mosh pit. I also appreciated the strategic placement of the synths/keys in songs like “Dinner Time!”–they provide well-timed accents, elevating the sound of the songs without overpowering the rest of the music. (The Deli Boston)
78. Cold Arms – Intuit
CA is Roman Pell, a 19-year old male who makes music he wants to hear (as per Bandcamp page description)
79. Sadha – Solid State Array
Sadha is Allston, MA band that plays all kinds of music and claims to be influenced by Yes, Krallice and Steve Reich while Solid State Array is a thrill ride through the land of zany Zappa-esque riffs
See also – Eu La, solo ambient/glitch project from Sadha member Jacob
80. Lightning Bolt – The Metal East

81. Atlas Lab – Steadfast Mind
Dual male/female harmonies are aplenty in this song/video from an indie psych soul collective Atlas Lab
Listen to their latest album Wake Up Slow
82. blank videotapes – Soundtrack to a Destructive Telegram
Dark, electronic, new wavey, kind of a bridge between avant-hip-hop and electronica – from the wonderful mind of Chris Bynes (Lightning Pill / CSOIM)
83. Nice Guys – Stinker
Allston punks NICE GUYS aren’t the biggest fans of cops. Watch them go full Tarantino on one in the new video “Stinker” off their latest release, Chips In The Moonlight, which can be heard here. Be on the lookout for cameos from Spenser Gralla of Creaturos and Peter Crowley of Big Buck Hunter. (Allston Pudding)
84. Twink the Toy Piano Band – Sparklemuffin
Bells, chimes, xylophones, and a collection of rusty toys add warm textures over chilly synths and cold mechanical beats. Darkness and light cycle like the seasons in these songs, ending with a lullaby and a gentle thaw. Crickets chirp, petals bloom, and hibernating creatures shake off the blanket of snow for another year.
85. Horse Mode – Blockhead
A four-piece melodic rock band from Billerica Massachusetts, Horse Mode derives their sound from influences such as Minus the Bear, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Fugazi, The Casket Lottery, and Nirvana. (Ocelot Records)


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