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This is a page for some old comments that used to be on the About page, which is now a part of front page.


15 thoughts on “Old Comments

  1. evening, Ilya, Great blog and nice to see some local focus.I'm in NH. If you'd like, take a listen to the home/lo-tech, basic, music I'm doing. I suppose it would be considered experimental, kind of noisy, very raw, kind of all over the place. I'm in NH Band is Jimmy Juliano and the Fluorescents. Thanks, Bob H
  2. Thanks for this website and all ressources !!! we're in south east, in france, not many or any noise's gigs here. waiting for a festival around europe…have you heard about one ? this summer ?…. Thanks all
  3. Hi! My name is Rodrigo from Mexico. I really like the contents of your blog. I would like to recommend you a mexican band called "Austin Tv". This is a link where you can download its albums for free. I hope you like it. let's spread the word!!

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