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This is a page for some old comments that used to be on the About page, which is now a part of front page.


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  1. evening, Ilya,
    Great blog and nice to see some local focus.I'm in NH.
    If you'd like, take a listen to the home/lo-tech, basic, music I'm doing. I suppose it would be considered experimental, kind of noisy, very raw, kind of all over the place. I'm in NH
    Band is Jimmy Juliano and the Fluorescents.
    Bob H

  2. thank god…this is the music i have never stopped listening to…thanks for the resource.

  3. Thanks for this website and all ressources !!!
    we're in south east, in france, not many or any noise's gigs here. waiting for a festival around europe…have you heard about one ? this summer ?….
    Thanks all

  4. Hi! My name is Rodrigo from Mexico. I really like the contents of your blog. I would like to recommend you a mexican band called "Austin Tv". This is a link where you can download its albums for free. I hope you like it. let's spread the word!!

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