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Gone In 60 Seconds – Released: August 2010

Boston Not LAReleased: November 2010

Circle of Friends – Vol. 1: Facebook – Released: February  2011

Gone In 60 Seconds: Uncut – Released: April 2011

More TBA!

Artists Featured On Compilations

Aeon Vespertine (US)

Big City Orchestra (US)

Blue Sausage Infant (US)

Collapse Under The Empire (Germany)

Concord Ballet Orchestra  Players (US)

Dead Leaf Echo (US)

Deadhorse (US)

Down I Go (UK)


Drone Forest (US)

Electric Bird Noise (US)



Female Demand (US)

Finneyerkes (US)

Funeral Club (US)

Ghost Box Orchestra (US)

Guanoman (Scotland)

Harvey Girls (US)


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