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Help fund 'The Desert Is Paper Thin' desert ambient vinyl LP!

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Hey guys,


I'm an American ambient artist called Corntuth, and I just launched a fundraiser to make vinyl LPs for my new record, The Desert Is Paper Thin.


You can pledge here.


This is the first physical release from Corntuth & Flow State Records — a 12" wax journey through a dry, desert landscape. This vinyl features beautiful artwork & design from Buenos Aires-based art director Romina Malta. The record itself features 11 original Corntuth songs, with pedal steel by Nashville musician Pete Finney.

I wrote this record in quarantine as a way to go somewhere. I wanted to imagine a drive across the desert alone by morning, afternoon, night, late evening, and dawn. This record's A-side takes you from morning til dusk. Side B starts with twilight and takes you through til dawn. My hope is that this vinyl is a physical copy of a trip taken in a strange dry time. I hope it will keep with you for a long while.

Pledgers can get anything from the record itself, to commissioning original ambient compositions. Thank you for your support, and for listening.

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